The perfect holiday revealed! 11 days, 5 hour flight and a private pool

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Holiday heaven includes endless luxuries and massages according to a new study...

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When it's cold and foggy outside it's pretty much essential to daydream about warm sandy beaches and piña coladas.

But new research has discovered that British holiday makers really do have a formula for the 'perfect holiday' - starting with a first class five hour flight, followed by nine hours of sun per day and ending with the ultimate golden tan!

Colletts Travel, who commissioned the survey, discovered that we want 11 days of luxury, daily massages, yoga classes and a private butler as well as a plenty of quality beach time on the ultimate fantasy holiday...

So, basically we all want to be millionaires.

Surprisingly Brits who crave top class service don't crave culture. In fact, we would all rather be reading Fifty Shades of Grey and eating all inclusive grub than devouring Booker Prize winners and Michelin meals.

One thing all of the women surveyed agreed on was who they'd want on the sun lounger next to them. A tall, toned and very muscular stranger like David Gandy is high on the list, preferably sat round a private pool with direct access to the beach.

Luckily we're not delusional about the cost of such a fantastic excursion. Brits would expect to pay around £2,500 for the pleasure of a July holiday with room service, private sunbeds, peace, quiet and great cocktails.

Take a look below at a list of the top 30 things that make a holiday perfect according to research...

1. Flying first class 2. Private pool 3. Going all inclusive 4. Private transfer 5. Having drinks delivered to your sunbed 6. Ordering room service 7. Steamy novel 8. Having a driver 9. A daily massage 10. A meet and greet service 11. Luggage delivery service 12. A meal on the beach 13. Hiring a private butler 14. Paying for a 'bed' on the beach 15. Indulging in laundry service

16. Paying for a cabana 17. Outdoor shower 18. Morning yoga session 19. Going in July 20. Hotel accommodation 21. Five hour flight 22. Nine hours of sunshine 23. 24 degree temperature 24. Three days spent on beach 25. Three days by the pool 26. Two day trips 27. Two days shopping 28. £894 spending money 29. Achieving the perfect tan 30. One day sightseeing

What's your idea of the perfect holiday? Leave a comment below to be in with a chance of winning a £100 goodie bag.



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