Top 5 most beautiful movie locations across the world

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Beaches, cobbled streets and rolling hills are all essential characters in these films...

Life of Pi

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Tomorrow sees the release of Ang Lee's visually stunning movie adaptation of Life of Pi. We had a sneak peak and it's fair to say the 3D visuals are pretty mind-blowing - think golden skies, glittering oceans and wild animals galore.

We promise you'll be impressed.

Although you won't be able to visit the mystical Life of Pi back-drop (because it's almost all CGI), you can take a trip to other movie locations across the world.

Take a peek at out pick of the top five film locations below...

The Beach (2000)

Where: Hat Maya, Thailand
The gorgeous beach of Phi Phi Leh Island as travelled by Leo Di Caprio in The Beac is one of the most beautiful in the world. This paradise island can only be reached via ferry and there is only one crossing per day. Unsurprisingly, after the film was released there was a massive spike in backpacking visitors to the Island, which hasn't died down since.

Amélie (2001)

Where: Montmartre, Paris
Director Jean-Pierre Jeunet turned Paris, and particularly Montmartre where he grew up, into a stunning backdrop for his whimsical smash hit movie Amelie. The vibrant Rue de Saint Vincent, the picturesque Pont des Arts and other key tourist spots provided the perfect backdrop. The Cafe des Deux Moulins found fame thanks to the film and it was saved from being shut down as a result.

The Lord of the Rings trilogy (2001-2003)

Where: Matamata, New Zealand
Alexander Farm near Matamata was used to portray the homely Shire of The Hobbits. The spot looks so good that the tourist industry boomed and looks set to benefit again now that The Hobbit has arrived. Peter Jackson used a variety of attractive locations in both the north and south islands of New Zealand to shoot the trilogy and he's ventured to new spots for the upcoming new trilogy too. Be warned that some of the locations are very hard to reach or inaccessible to the public!

Lost in Translation (2003)

Where: Tokyo, Japan
The achingly romantic Lost in Translation is perhaps more a love letter to the Japanese capital city than anything else. The viewer sees the other-worldly setting from a visitors perspective with a cinematic tour of the city. The key movie backdrops are provided by the bustling neon glare of the financial centre Shinjuku, and the super cool youth styling of the Shibuya neighbourhood.

Pan's Labyrinth (2006)

Where: Guadarrama Mountain Range, Spain
Guillermo Del Toro's masterful dark fantasy was a deserving hit on release despite being a somewhat scary Spanish language movie. The central Spanish Guadarrama Mountain Range allowed Del Toro to take us into some spooky, dense and captivating woodland locations.

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