Kate Middleton battles embarrassing Marilyn Monroe windy weather moment

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Kate Middleton and her autumnal wardrobe have fallen victim to a gust of wind, eeekk...

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Kate Middleton found herself in an uncomfortable fashion situation while attending a cyberbulling charity event in London today (20 November).

The Duchess of Cambridge fell victim to a particularly brazen gust of wind that lifted her navy pleated skirt by Orla Kiely and jacket by MaxMara almost to the point of a pants flash. So. Not. Good.

Even if you're not a member of the royal family, it's also worth putting in a bit of effort to avoid a winter skirt fail. Take a peek at our three top tips...

Invest in some stylish shapewear

If the wind is going to insist on ruining your day, you may as well be tucked in and trim with shapewear. Fitted to your body, a flash of this soft microfiber slip won't leave you feeling all that exposed. Pick up this little number for £16 at Topshop.

Topshop shapewear

Try longer fitted coats like these celebrities

The Duchess of Cambridge's navy skirt coat may have looked great, but it's the perfect shape to capture a gust of wind. Safe yourself the stress and opt for a longer, fitted coat that goes down to your mid-thigh or knees.

Get some shopping inspiration from some of these famous faces and their brillo winter warmers...

Get crafty by sewing coins into your skirt hem

A favourite tailoring trick, weighing down your skirt with coins can do the job surprisingly well. Simply unpick a 2 cm width of your hem, slip in a few 1p coins - we don't recommend pouring in the contents of your penny jar, four or so will do - and spread around the skirt for even balance.

Take a look at some more ways to get crafty this winter, here.

If all else fails of course, embrace the wind a la Marilyn Monroe

How would you handle an awkward fashion situation like this?



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