Handbag accessory must haves for 2013

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It's a brand new year. Treat yourself!

Electronic cigarettes from Electric Zebra
As we look towards 2013 you may be thinking about treating yourself, or perhaps your family or friends, to a new gadget that will fit snuggly into that old friend, the handbag. So, just what are the must-have handbag accessories of 2013?

1. The eReader

Despite resistance from some book lovers, eReaders are quickly becoming a ubiquitous sight in many public places – be it the train, bus or beach. The great thing about this gadget is the sheer volume of books that you can fit into a conveniently handbag-sized unit.

A standard 2GB model will store over 1,000 books, which is definitely enough to keep you occupied on the commute. Particularly popular this year is the Kobo eReader, which features a backlit screen which makes reading with the lights off a possibility for the first time. Keep your handbag next to your bed and whip out your Kobo after your partner has gone to sleep and they will never cause a fuss.

2. eCigarettes

You may have noticed a strange phenomenon recently - years after a smoking ban in public places came into force in the UK – people casually dragging on what appears to be a cigarette and breathing out what can only be cigarette smoke. Curiously there is no smell and the smoker is not expelled from the building.

eCigarettes are the new craze spreading across the country. The reasons to switch to electronic cigarettes are persuasive. Firstly, they cost an awful lost less than regular cigarettes, without the smell or social stigma. Secondly, they are healthier; when the user inhales, they do not ingest smoke but water vapour with nicotine.

What is more, they are rechargeable and reusable – so less packaging is used – and they won't get crushed in your handbag like a 20-pack either. If you are fashion conscious then Electric Zebra e-cigarettes are really a brand to stand out and not get lost in the bottom of your handbag.

3. USB flash drive

In the past few years we have become used to cloud services such as Dropbox and Skydrive to store our important documents online – but from experience some us will know that accessing files stored remotely can be difficult, especially if the internet is down. That's why the USB flash drive, also known as the pen drive or memory stick, is likely to be around for a bit longer yet.

Thankfully, the range of flash drives is always expanding and you can be sure of a wide choice when choosing. A search for the funkiest USB flash drives will return everything from units resembling blocks of Lego to those fashioned to look like audiocassettes and cuddly toys.

In addition to this, carrying a flash drive in your handbag that doubles up a business card will ensure no one forgets your name. Personalised flash drives are coming down in price and could be the perfect way to spread your name or the name of your business.

2013 promises to be an exciting one in the world of handbag accessories.
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