Rihanna is winter-ready with Chanel beanie

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RiRi shows off her designer woollies on Twitter, huff.

Rihanna Chanel beanie

© Rihanna/Twitter

If you're begrudging having to re-stock your wardrobe with winter knits, Rihanna is here to make you feel a little worse for yourself.

Naturally the songstress has been taking the celeb approach to new season woollies with a Chanel beanie hat.

Showing off her designer headwear on Twitter, RiRi wrote, "Head to set #CCcertified".

Given that a skimpy vest was also present in the black and grey pic, Rihanna probably isn't actually feeling the cold as much as us. Sigh.

Has Rihanna's Chanel hat given you a bad case of hat envy? Or not so much?

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