How to use a face highlighter correctly

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Learn how to highlight and contour your face confidently.

By adding subtle highlights to the contours of your face you can accentuate your cheek bones, lift your eye brows and help make your lips appear fuller. A well placed highlighter is the key to any make-up look, day or night. If you are suffering from dull, tired skin then adding a cream-based or powder highlighter can work wonders and today John Gustafson shows us how.

Learn how to use a highlighting pen to contour and highlight your cheek bones, how to blend cream highlighters properly and how to contour your face using a fan brush.

See the difference a well placed highlighter can make, with John's step-by-step guide.

Learn to create the perfect smoky eye.

Discover how to apply creamy make-up on the run.

Discover our top five face highlightingers here.

Find the perfect red lipstick for your skin tone.

Make-up to match your skin colour.
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