Fashion lessons from the Made In Chelsea cast

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The new series may still be in filming but we're remembering cast members like Lucy Watson, Binky Felstead and Caggie Dunlop taught us about fashion in Made In Chelsea.

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Made In Chelsea series seven is on its way, but in the meantime we're considering just what we've learnt from season six.

We now know that one shouldn't confess your love then go to Miami and hook up with a cheerleader, and that televised therapy may not be the answer to your commitment issues...

But now we're talking fashion.

Lucy Watson says no to fur

Lucy Watson is a proud vegetarian and is the new face of PETA.

Victoria and Mark Francis may not agree, but Lucy and Khloe Kardashian both agree - you don't have to wear fur to look posh.

Lucy Watson - peta campaign - id rather go naked - poster - made in chelsea -

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Binky Felstead loves the high street

Binky Felstead has always admitted that she's not got a major interest in fashion, so she's perfectly happy in high street favourites. Same goes for her makeup.

Like pal Lucy Watson and her fluffy New Look jumper, Binks is happy to show off her super toned body in some Topshop.

We would question just how often she wears leggings as trousers though...

Binky - Made In Chelsea - series 6 - phoebe comes between alex and binky - drunk texting -

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Phoebe Lettice Thompson does 'high fashion'

Phoebe Lettice Thompson works as a fashion assistant at Tatler and don't you forget it.

If you don't understand why she's wearing cycling shorts or a bin liner as a shawl then that's your fault.

We will admit that it is nice to have some variation on the show and she does have a good hat collection.

Phoebe lettice thompson - furry hat - fashion lessons made in chelsea -

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Louise and her everyday glamour

Louise is the ultimate West London glamour puss.

Sunday? The perfect day to wear a fur lined cape.

Although she'll never pull of Sundays quite like Olivia Palermo and she does forget just how very, very small she is sometimes.

We advise consulting our spring trends for petite body shapes advice.

PS Matching shoes with your boyfriend is just weird.

Louise Thompson - made in chelsea - glamour - fashion lessons -

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Caggie Dunlop (and Proudlock and Jamie Laing never forget jewellery

Caggie Dunlop may not be in Made In Chelsea any more but she left quite the legacy. Other than breaking Spencer Matthews, we also remember her for her awesome jewellery.

This girl was a fan of good rings - and fun nail varnish to match.

Proudlock and Jamie Laing have taken up the rings mantel - decide for yourself how you feel about man jewellery.

Caggie Dunlop - rings - fashion lessons made in chelsea -

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Who do you think is the best dressed Made In Chelsea cast member?
Lucy Watson25.00%
Binky Felstead13.89%
Phoebe Lettice Thompson20.83%
Louise Thompson11.11%
Caggie Dunlop29.17%




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