Drew Barrymore and Fergie's nutritionist creates 'The Beauty Detox Solution'

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We spoke to Kimberley Snyder to find out more about her beautiful, alkaline food philosophy

Kimberley Snyder and Fergie The Beauty Detox Solution

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In our exclusive interview, we chat to Hollywood's most famous nutritionist, Kimberley Snyder, who's on a mission to reconnect health, beauty and energy with her Beauty Detox Solution....

What's the Beauty Detox Solution philosophy?

"The basis of my philosophy is connecting the link between health, beauty and energy. Most people think about just numbers when it comes to diets – they focus on how many calories and how many grams of carbs they've consumed. To me when you're eating certain foods it's not just about numbers, but the way they can affect how you feel, how you look and how they're digested. When I say the word beauty, I think it's synonymous with health. When you're healthy on the inside you are beautiful on the outside.

We focus on make-up for the outside and pharmaceuticals for the inside, but really we should be focussing on digestion which requires more than 50% of our energy. If we treat our bodies like garbage disposal all our energy has to focus on the stomach to ensure everything is digested. If we all start eating more strategically we can free-up this energy to repair skin, protect the organs and slim down naturally without obsessing about numbers."

Drew Barrymore The Beauty Detox Solution

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Kimberley's key digestion principle: "Speed is possible only if we avoid a traffic jam"

"Imagine if there was a Porsche, a Land Rover, and a sixteen-wheel truck on the highway, and you were the traffic marshal that had all the authority to position each vehicle along the highway to avoid traffic. How would you position the vehicles...?"

Kimberley argues that we should allow our digestive track to 'move' by putting the fast Porsche before the sixteen-wheel truck – basically by eating easier to digest foods before heavier ones.

Does this mean we have to give up our favourite foods?

"If you don't want to give up all your favourite foods, that's fine! The trick is to order foods in a certain way; for example, fruit digests really quickly so that should go at the beginning of a meal. If you have a fruit salad for dessert, you might think you're being good because you're steering clear of the chocolate cake, but putting foods that digest quickly in this order can make you feel bloated."

Lots of women suffer from bloating, stomach cramps and IBS, what are we doing wrong?

"It's a combination of bad foods. If you think about the natural diet of our ancestors, they ate maybe one or two components at a time. Animals only tend to eat one thing at a time. Now we have access to a meal with different courses and 10 different options, which leads to digestive distress. Everyone needs to look down at their plate and make sure there are only two or three key components. Simplifying meals is crucial because it will help with digestion."

Top Tip: Don't have a lot of liquids while you're eating. Chugging water won't make you eat less during meals; it will just create a "stagnant pond" of water and acid in your stomach. All the digestive enzymes and acid are diluted which leads to bloating.

Kimberley Snyder, Hilary Duff and Jenna Dewan The Beauty Detox Solution

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Do you have any strict rules that you ask your clients to stick to?

"I take a stand on dairy. We are the only species on the planet that drinks the milk of another animal. Dairy is very difficult for most people to digest – not just for lactose intolerant people – because of the enzymes."

What are the principles of the alkaline diet?

"Every food that we eat either makes the body more acidic or more alkaline. If your body is too acidic you will hold on to weight and find it harder to shift. The human body is designed for survival, so when our bodies become too acidic toxins are stored as fat to protect the internal organs."

Kimberley Snyder The Beauty Detox solution

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Kimberley with her signature Glowing Green Smoothie

"One of the main cornerstones of my programme is the Glowing Green Smoothie because the most alkaline forming foods on the planet are ripe fruits and raw greens. This is the most efficient way to become more alkaline because it's blended and there's a tremendous amount of goodness in just one glass versus a little bit of rocket here and a handful of spinach there.

It's quick, efficient and you'll never be able to eat the amount of greens in one sitting and you can drink in a smoothie. It tastes really good too because of the fruit and lemon juice (see the recipe here). It's important to drink it in the morning before reaching for an egg white omelette, which is basically glue! Egg whites contain a water soluble protein – that's also an ingredient in Elmer's Glue!"

What have your world travels taught you about health and nutrition?

"In China and India the body is interconnected – this sounds so basic – but in the Western world we think 'you have a problem with your heart, here's some medication which may damage your liver'. Everything is considered separately. With dry hair and dull skin we think about what we can put on them, rather than consider what's going on in our intestines."

Can the Beauty Detox help women lose weight?

"Everybody has an ideal weight because their body is designed to function at its optimal levels. When you have to prop yourself up with sugar and caffeine from the outside, it's a sign that your body is imbalanced. A happy side-effect of nourishing your body is slimming down to your ideal weight!

Whole foods is a term that's banded around a lot but basically a smoothie is a whole food because all the fibre from the fruit is still intact. A juice has stripped all this away. Olive oil is not a whole food, people love putting it on their salads for Omega-3s but you don't find this naturally occurring in nature and it's essentially just liquid fats! It's all about simplifying."

Tell us about your celebrity clients...

"Owen Wilson and Channing Tatum love the Glowing Green Smoothie. Channing really didn't like to eat vegetables but he loves the smoothie because it gives him a big boost of energy in the morning. Drew Barrymore didn't take away all of her favourite foods, but changed the order that she was eating so her heavier meals were in the evening rather than at lunch. She loves my rainbow stuffed peppers recipe, while Ben Stiller and Hillary Duff like the raw zucchini hummus."

Channing Tatum and Kimberley Snyder

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"I'm really grateful to my celebrity clients because they help to bring attention to the Beauty Detox. Celebrities have the same issues as we all have – they feel pressure to look good and they have long hours and shooting schedules will tempt them to reach for snacks.

This system helped me personally (see the before and after pics here) and I want everyone to have access to it. I think women spend so much time focussing on their weight that they neglect their professional and personal lives. My dream is to get the message out to everyone. It's my mission."

What effect does yo-yo dieting have on the body?

"The body needs balance and stability. Swapping between fad diets won't help you make long term progress. What you really need to do is change your lifestyle. Yo-yo diets can mess with your metabolism and make your blood sugar levels completely imbalanced. Even if you just start small and gradually by cutting out a few specific foods, you will eventually reach a happier and healthier place."

What three foods can't you live without?

"No matter what I have to drink the Glowing Green Smoothie for breakfast. Owen Wilson once said to me, 'If I don't have my Glowing Green Smoothie it's not going to be a good day'. I also love quinoa because it's very versatile, gluten free and it has substance to keep you feeling full. I'm a fan of kale because it's great for a big salads and it can hold big flavours.

My philosophy isn't raw. I was a raw foodist for a few years and at first I felt really good. After a while I noticed things started to take a turn for the worst. It's a difficult lifestyle and the diet is full of high-fat protein sources, like nuts (roughly 72% fat). A lot of raw foodists get about 65% of their calories from fat, whereas the average in the United States is 32% of calories from fat. In China it's just 10-15%. This fat is still heavy and hard to process by the liver."

Tacos by Kimberley Snyder

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What foods can help people struggling with acne?

"You really shouldn't eat dairy and other things that are difficult to digest. Fried and cooked oils, even olive oil, can become denatured with heat and the liver struggles to cope. When this happens toxins start to push out through the surface of the skin and form spots. Cooking with vegetable broth instead of oils is much better. I've created a probiotics and enzyme salad recipe which is my number one acne fighting meal. It contains fermented cabbage, a bit like sauerkraut, which you can buy in supermarkets. Or you can take a probiotic supplement. The key is to clean out your digestive tract and support the healthy bacteria in your gut."

Can we support healthy hair through our diets?

"The hair follicle is living but when there are limited nutrients in your body the hair is the first thing to be ignored because it's not essential. Things like pumpkin seeds are great because they contain zinc. Vitamin A and Vitamin C combine to create sebum which is important for healthy hair, so eat sweet potatoes, lemon, carrots and squash. It's also important to get plenty of B-complex vitamins in your diet from seeds, nuts and leafy greens. Stay hydrated with coconut water (that contains natural electrolytes) and avoids drinking too much coffee."

What foods should we all cut out NOW!!

"Diet and regular soda! It's the most acidic food of all, it's terrible for your beauty and ageing and it strips the body of B vitamins. Dairy has to go and artificial colours and sweeteners – anything that's not real food. If you really can't resist cheese, switch to goat's cheese because it's much easier to digest."

Kimberley Snyder The Beauty Detox Solution

The Beauty Detox Solution is £12.99 and will be available from all good bookshops and in the iBookstore.

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