Festival yoga: Poses to help you combat festival ailments

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Keep healthy this festival season with these simple yoga poses...

Girl smiling in a tent
Festival season can be brutal on your body - inside and out. Sleeping in a tent, dancing all day, walking in wellies, eating out of burger vans, not to mention all that necessary cider.

Give your body a boost with this simple tent workout from Yoga Goddess Nahid de Belgeonne, founder of Good Vibes fitness studios. There is nothing Nahid doesn't know about feeling and looking great, even when you're sleeping in a field.

Yoga to combat festival ailments

'Try these simple yoga moves upon waking to realign your body; they're so easy that you can do them from the comfort of your sleeping bag.

Apanasana (knee to chest pose)
Lie on your back and hug your knees into your chest. Slide your hands into the creases at the backs of your knees and relax your heels towards your sit bones.

As you inhale take you knees away to arms - length and as you breathe out draw the knees in over your chest. This soothing action will help to lengthen out your lower back.

Crocodile pose
Roll over on to your tummy and rest your head on your stacked hands with your elbows wide.

Let your legs open out behind you in a V shape and have your toes wider than your heels. Breathe deeply and evenly and let your body rest downwards, feel that you are giving into gravity in this very gentle supported backbend. This pose gives you a good all round body stretch.

Upwards Raised Leg Pose
If you're suffering from achy tired feet and legs after too much dancing, walking around the site or your feet have been stuffed in wellies for too long try this reviving yoga pose.

Granted, you may look a tad silly, but hey, you're at a festival. Lie on your back and float your knees in over your chest. Simply breath in and extend your legs skywards, keeping your tailbone rooting downwards, take your legs hip distance apart and take a few rolls through your ankles.

If you can, keep your legs inverted for 5-10 full and complete breaths as flipping your lower body upside down will promote better drainage of blood and lymph and reduce swelling and tension.

Lying twist
Over indulged at the beer tent? One too many 3am chips? A lying twist will soothe your belly and help to promote a more efficient movement through a bunged up system, if you get our drift.

Lie on your back with your arm out at shoulder height, knees bent, feet on the floor. As you exhale let your knees twist to the right and your head to the left, keeping your left shoulder heavy on the floor.

Let the focus of this pose be on turning your belly and ribs more to the left to get a cleansing and detoxifying benefits of the pose happening for you, stay and breathe into it for 5-10 long and luxurious breaths. Repeat on the other side when you are ready.'

To find out more about Good Vibes, goodvibesfitness.co.uk



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