Understanding Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's water diet

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Rosie is downing her 8 glasses of water a day – are you?

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She has one of the best bodies in the biz and often shares the virtues of drinking green juice and eating organic, but now Rosie Huntington-Whiteley has added to her diet secrets list by revealing she ensures she gets eight glasses of water a day.

Posting a picture of F. Batmanghelidj's book You're not sick, you're thirsty: Water for health, for healing, for life book on Twitter, the lingerie model said, "A brilliant book I'm reading. We always knew water was good for us. Now discover why. Have you had your 8 glasses today??"

The book offers evidence that water could cure illnesses and be the key to better all round health. But could it also be the secret to getting a slim figure like Rosie HW?

'Studies have supported the idea of water as a weight loss aid, suggesting that overweight individuals who drink two cups of water half an hour before each meal will consume 75 fewer daily calories and lose five additional pounds compared to those who don't,' explained nutritionist Sarah West. 'Regular water drinkers are also shown to be more likely to keep the weight off long term.'

Rosie Huntington Whiteley reads book about drinking water for health

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Rosie Huntington-Whiteley shares her health & diet secrets

However drinking water is not going to make up for a sess at the all-you-can-eat pudding buffet.

'Water is no magic potion; it is believed to help people shed pounds simply because it contains no calories and fills up the stomach, making you feel less hungry and less inclined to overeat,' added Sarah.

'Drinking more water also stops you from reaching for high-calorie, sugar-filled beverages; and the fewer calories you get from drinks, the healthier (and slimmer) you'll be. It all counts!'

The link to drinking plenty of water and exercise is also key explains Sarah, 'Water can also help enhance your performance in the gym. Research has indicated that losing as little as 2% percent of your body weight through sweating creates a drop in blood volume, causing the heart to work harder to circulate blood.

'This drop in blood volume can also lead to muscle cramps, dizziness, fatigue and heat stroke, making adequate water intake essential for energy, performance and safety when exercising. So to get the best results in the gym, you should never go thirsty.'

Right, time to start chugging then.

Find out more from nutritionist Sarah West on sarahwestnutrition.co.uk



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