Are you a plate diver? 43% steal food left on a family member's plates

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You may be scoffing veggies, but huge portions and second helpings won't help...

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So, you're religiously sticking to a diet of fruit, vegetables, wholegrains and oily fish but you've only lost a pound in three months. Weird, right?

Wrong, especially if you're diving in for second helpings, clearing leftovers and picking while you cook.

The latest stats reveal that 49% of Brits go for a second round of food after they've polished off what's on their plates, while 43% regulalry 'plate dive' and scoff the food left by family members after they've given in.

More proof that we're a nation of overindulgent foodies!

Amazingly, 48% of people admitted they regularly eat themselves into a state of digestive discomfort, meaning bloating, fatigue, 'the sweats' and stomach ache are all normal post-meal conditions!

Mmmm, sexy.

If you're in a long-term relationship chances are your portion sizes are also an issue. Over half of the women surveyed by Setlers Mintees said they eat the same size meal as their bloke even though they know they don't need that much food.

Experts believe the problem is we've forgotten what it means to feel full.

28% of Brits think being full means, literally, not being able to eat another bite without throwing up. While 26% wait for feelings discomfort before quitting.

Realistically, you were probably full ten minutes before hand and now you're overloading your system with fat, carbs, salt and sugar.

Leading broadcast nutritionist Amanda Hamilton told us, "We know more about healthy eating habits now than ever before yet these statistics demonstrate that we are living in a 'vulture culture' society as research showed 25% of people didn't consider their meal over until their plate was cleared.

Take back control and put an end to such frequent digestive discomforts by chewing 5-10 times per fork-full. This slows down our eating, aids digestion and allows more time to recognise when we have eaten enough."

A good test is to steer clear of seconds for a whole week. We can guarantee you'll feel better by next Sunday...

What do you think?

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