The 60 Second Promise

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Can you really get fit in just ten minutes?

The 60 Second Promise
OK, so the title of this DVD is slightly misleading as it doesn't require just one minute of serious effort but 10 minutes of serious hard work split into one minute exercises. Well, if it really was as easy as working your ass off for just one minute a day we'd all look like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and then how would the Daily Mail choose who to feature in a bikini each day?

So, trainers Simone Dailey and Carl Prince have produced four 10 minute workouts: Total Body Fat Blaster, Lower Body, Upper Body and Total Core. You can choose to do just one workout a day, four times a week for optimal results, or go full at it and complete all four workouts at once. You can also choose to pit yourself against the trainers in the Beat the Trainers section, but I'm warning you these guys are seriously fit!

The key to The 60 Second Promise is interval training. It's a fact that interval training is the most effective way of burning fat and achieving results quickly. The 10 minute workouts are made up of four sets of 45/15 second efforts, interspersed with 60 seconds of cardio activity to keep your heart rate up while targeting problem areas and achieving real results.

On doing the DVD I did find that knowing I only had to work really hard for 45 seconds did mean I actually did put in more effort although I found Simone Dailey's constant encouragement actually a bit distracting. However, respect to her for being able to work so darn hard and still cheer you on. This woman has an incredible body and if doing this DVD plus eating sensibly gives me tone and definition to rival Simone's I'm all in.

This DVD is perfect for those who still don't want to commit to a 30 minute workout in the evening but could be persuaded to do a mere 10. There's not a lot of detailed advice regarding technique but if you've done any classes or workout DVDs previously you're sure to be able to master the exercises. Plus, while Simone is going full throttle, Carl performs a novice version of the exercise so the DVD is suitable for both those with a good level of fitness already and newbies looking to get fit.

The 60 Second Promise is available from the 23 April 2012,

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