Week three of the Little Black Dress diet: water and hydration

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Follow our six-step Little Black Dress diet plan to get you looking good on the dancefloor. Week three: water and hydration.

Week three of the Little Black Dress diet: water and hydration
By Dax Moy

We've reached the third week in our plan to help you look amazing in your Little Black Dress and we're doing great! One of the most important factors in maintaining overall health and wellbeing whatever your particular weight loss goals, is water consumption.

Next to air, water is the most vital of all human needs. It is involved in every single process in our lives from ingestion and digestion of food to immune system integrity, reproduction and hormone creation. It's needed for everything!

Leading hydration expert Dr Ferydoon Bhatmanghelidj shows clear correlations between dehydration and chronic illness in his book Your Body's Many Cries For Water. In his book he explains how even moderate levels of water shortage when allowed to persist for a long period can create all manner of illness and disease including:

- Obesity

- Eczema

- Allergies

- Diabetes

- Angina

- Arthritis

- Backache

- Headaches

- Stress

- Depression

- High cholesterol

Then again, the importance of hydration has been known for millennia with less 'civilised' societies throughout the ages placing great importance on the preventative and medicinal qualities of nature's most abundant resource. In recent times however, and in particular the last 20 years, there seems to have been a major move away from water and toward 'synthetic' hydration factors such as squashes, cordials, fruit juices and even tea and coffee.

Sure, fruit juice, tea and coffee all contain water but that doesn't mean that your body can get to it efficiently enough to make any use of it. In fact, too much of these drinks will actually lead to further dehydration which in turn requires an even greater volume of water to be drunk. And so the cycle continues...

[quote]I regularly advise my clients to drink one litre of water for every 50lbs of body-weight as both a curative and preventative measure. Whilst this may sound excessive to those who drink little H2O it is by no means a large amount of water at all. In fact, if you've been dehydrated for a long time this may not be enough!

I know, I know, if you drink this much water you'll want to pee incessantly right? Not if you build up to it over a couple of weeks and add the tiniest pinch of pure sea salt to every litre. Why salt? Well, the water in our cells has a tendency to decrease as we age whilst the water outside of our cells increases. By adding sea salt (NOT table salt) we 'trick' the cells into holding much more of their vital fluids and gain the health (and appearance) benefits that we desire.

Don't let the simplicity of this Power PrincipleTM fool you into thinking it doesn't work. Nothing could be further than the truth. I have seen people lose kilograms in bodyweight without changing their diet or increasing their activity levels just by drinking the right quantity and quality of clean, clear water. I have seen people who have contemplated cosmetic surgery for wrinkles and 'crow's feet' change their minds after mere weeks of following this advice and I have seen people who have spent a lifetime on medication able to (with the supervision of their medical practitioners) come off drugs and return to health.

The naysayers reading this will tell you that this cannot be true but don't listen to them. Put it up to the ultimate acid test; try it for yourself!

Drink one litre of clean, filtered water for every 50lbs of body weight (build up to this amount if you need to) for four weeks and you'll not only feel better but look better too!

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