The red carpet diet

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Everywhere you look, celebrities are oozing glamour and gorgeousness on the red carpet. Get your body into its best-ever shape and become a glamour queen with these fab celebrity diet tips!

The red carpet diet
How do you fancy strutting your stuff down the red carpet? Would a last-minute invite to the Oscars on the arm of Leonardo DiCaprio be a dream come true or is it more like your worst nightmare? 'Can I get my hair done on time? What on earth will I wear? And will I feel like an Amazonian woman next to all the stick-thin superstars?'

The A-list stars of this world look good for a living: they have nutritionists, personal trainers and eyebrow technicians to keep them in tip-top shape - but the rest of us live in the real world. We don't all have the time, money or inclination to eat nothing but fruit until noon like Claudia Schiffer, quaff gallons of green tea à la Sophie Dahl or go crazy for watercress soup like Liz Hurley. But even without your own macrobiotic chef, you can still eat healthily and look good. Who knows... Brad has to take somebody to the Oscars!

How the stars stay slim

Gwyneth Paltrow The famously body-conscious actress fills up on swordfish. It has just 164 calories and 5.4g fat per serving, she says.

Kate Winslet After giving birth to her daughter Mia, Kate shed an incredible 4st. Her secret? She ate home-made oatcakes topped with 2-cal cucumber slices for breakfast.

Gisele Bundchen Leo's on-off partner swears by eating spicy foods. The Brazilian-born model claims they raise the body temperature and help rev up the metabolism.

Kelly Brook 'When dieting, ditch the bathroom scales and use a tape measure instead to see if you've lost inches,' advises Kelly. 'Scales can often be inaccurate and make you feel you've gained pounds even if you've lost fat.'

Nicole Kidman Nicole snacks on low-cal raisins dipped in honey stacked on celery, and calls it 'frogs on a log'.

Uma Thurman Uma swears she scoffed puddings to lose her pregnancy pounds. She says, 'I know it sounds crazy, but I ate desserts, I had ice cream, chocolate mousse, the whole lot, but I didn't have anything else. Instead of being torture, it was pure pleasure.'

Natalie Portman Veggie Natalie is a big fan of such healthy eats as tofu, omelettes, broccoli and soups. For a filling, low-fat snack, she munches on Food Doctor health-food bars. They're high in fibre so help curb choccy cravings.

Jennifer Love Hewitt The actress always separates her foods and eats her potatoes before her meat. She believes that her body digests food better that way.

Kim Cattrall The SATC star squeezes lemon juice on her chips because she swears that it dissolves fat.

Demi Moore Demi stops herself snacking by eating three bowls of fibre-rich bran a day.

The Red Carpet Diet

This plan is designed for those of us who want the body of Kate Beckinsale without moving to Hollywood, spending our life in a gym and eating only mung beans. This is a plan for the real world where we do eat out, we have the odd ready meal or take-away and even sneak in the occasional drink. But follow this plan and take regular exercise, and you, too could look your very best in a to-die-for frock. If Brad would only call...

The rules

Portion sizes Most portion sizes are given, but in some cases where they're not so important, amounts may be indicated using other terms, eg a 'handful'.

A fruit portion is a medium-sized piece of fruit, such as an apple, pear or orange, a small banana, two small fruit (eg plums or mandarins), a big slice of melon, half a mango, a teacup full of berries, cherries or grapes, or a small tin of fruit such as Frutini. You should add enough vegetables to fill you up - half a pepper plus half an onion plus five florets of broccoli, etc. Veggies are filling, have next to no calories and are so good for you - so make sure you eat LOTS of them!

It's fine to have tea and coffee (with skimmed milk and sweeteners if you like) on this plan, but stop at four or five per day. Limit diet fizzy drinks to an absolute max of two cans or 500ml per day and try to cut these out completely if you can. With water, on the other hand, more is better - drink 1-2 litres per day, every day.

Salads and green veggies are free - the more the merrier!

Going for a drink

Alcohol is a double-whammy when it comes to diet. Not only does it provide zillions of calories, but it can also give you the munchies! When you're trying to lose weight, it only makes sense to cut back a bit, but that doesn't have to mean total abstinence. If you're going for a drink, here's the damage:

Spirits per 25ml measure: 55 cals

Celebratory glass of champagne: 90 cals

125ml glass of wine: 80-120 cals

Measure of Baileys: 140 cals

Alcopops: 200-250 cals (Bacardi Breezer Lite: 100 cals)

Pint of beer: 125-250 cals

Remember, women should drink no more than two to three units per day; men no more than three to four units per day. Max.

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Diet tips from Heat Magazine.
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