Training on trial: GRIT classes at Fitness First put us through our paces

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High intensity interval training, weights and sprints....GRIT isn't for the faint-hearted!

GRIT classes at Fitness First

© GRIT classes @ Fitness First

When we first heard about the high-intensity GRIT classes at Fitness First we we're a little bit scared! The class is designed to push you to your limits in just 30 minutes so it's great for squeezing in at lunch time or in-between meetings.

The class uses weights, steppers and sprints to increase your heart rate and engage your core muscles for a serious workout. The two key components are strength and plyometrics - this means that your muscles work at a maximum level for the shortest amount of time possible, which is much more effective that hours on the treadmill.

We visited the Tottenham Court Road branch of Fitness First in central London to try the class for ourselves. We started with sprints and lunges to get the body warmed up and ready for some hardcore weight lifting reps. Next came the dead-lifts and clean and jerk lifts using a bar weight. This isn't too bad for a few reps, but by the sixth rep your arms feel like jelly and it takes every ounce of mental strength to push the bar above your head.

This sort of dynamic weight workout is designed to increase your power and tone your body without having to spend hours and hours in the gym every week. The 30 minute class flew by, but we still managed to work-up a serious sweat.

The key to getting through your first GRIT class is willpower. You have to force yourself to push that little bit harder while the trainer shouts 'YOU CAN DO IT' in your ear. It's hardcore, but we came out smiling.

Les Mills GRIT Series will be available only at a select number of Fitness First locations this September until December. Click here for more information.

Handbag's Junior Writer Sarah went from excited to exhausted in just 30 minutes....

Sarah Jordan Grit classes

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