INTERVIEW: Jessica Ennis talks body hang-ups & why she loves Jennifer Aniston

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We spoke to the Olympic champion about what she's up to now & why she hates her feet...

Jessica Ennis interview

We sat down for a chat with Team GB icon Jessica Ennis to talk body image and hitting the Champagne.

Are you scoffing takeaways and guzzling wine now the Olympics are over?

'After London 2012 I made a clear decision to give myself a break and take time out to enjoy and celebrate my achievement.

So needless to say, I took advantage of being able to drink wine and Champagne, which I don't tend to have when I am in full time training.

Now that I am back into my regime, I have to be a lot more sensible with my day-to-day diet. Although, being a girl, I do allow myself the odd treat and because I train so often I am generally able to eat quite a lot!'

What three foods are key to your diet and having a good figure?

'Due to the high intensity training required to compete at a professional level, it's really important that I always eat a diet that totally supports my body and provides all the energy and nutrients I need.

So I ensure that I eat a diet that is rich in protein, essential when training to rebuild the muscle. Water is an absolute must for hydration and, finally, I am a huge fan of fruit and vegetables so always make sure that I get at least five a day.'

You are known for having amazing abs, but is there any part of your body you're not happy with?

'I'm sure that everyone has a part of their body they're not happy with! I am not a fan of feet or toes in general, so for me it has to be those.'

Who gives you body envy?

'That's a hard question! It's tricky to pick just one person. I would probably choose different bits from lots of different celebrities if I could, but I always think Jennifer Aniston looks great, as does Jessica Alba.'

What's in your handbag?

'Ooh I have lots in my handbag! I of course carry the essentials, car keys, phone and purse. I also have my iPad, which is great for when I am on the go.

I always carry my make-up bag too and am particularly obsessed with Bobbie Brown lip gloss and eye liners at the moment.'

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