5 ways to combat bad back pain

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80% of us will suffer from back pain at some point in our lives, so what can we do when it strikes? We asked the experts to find out...

Back pain
52 million work days are lost as a result of back pain every year, but with careful management and early intervention the impact of a dodgy back can be drastically reduced.

We caught up with osteopath, Steve Morris, founder of the Sussex Back Pain Clinic, to get his top tips for bouncing back from back ache...

Go to see a doctor as soon as your back hurts

If you're an office worker, sitting at a computer for hours on end can exacerbate pain and the longer it is left, the harder it becomes to deal with – often leading to a more complex treatment pathway with multiple sessions.

Bad back prevention is better than cure

Starting a New Year fitness plan with enthusiasm can often lead to injuries. Whether you are pounding the streets with a regular run (an asymmetric movement that can aggravate your back) or lifting weights (where there is a temptation to get carried away and lift too much, too soon) always start your workout with a proper warm up and stretch out.

Try this: Stand with your legs hip width apart, place your right hand on your hip and put your other arm straight up by your ear. Tip to the right and then repeat on the left. Next twist your upper body round to look over your shoulder both ways, keeping your hips forward to feel a stretch.

Exercise your core muscles to avoid back pain

Keep your back strong by exercising your core at least three times a week. If you're not sure how to get started, take a look at our expert guide from the personal trainers at Fitness First.

Try this: Lie on your back with your knees bent. Slowly lift one knee to your chest and hold it with your hand. Do the same with the other then squeeze both knees into your stomach ensuring that your pelvis does not come off the ground. Hold for 10-20 seconds.

Don't panic about bad back pain

If you do get lower back spasms try not to worry - it will usually get better on its own within a few days or possibly a few weeks. Don't stop moving, the best thing you can do is stay active with gentle walking and stretching. Staying still will increase the stiffness and make the area harder to treat.

Act quickly is back pain becomes unbearable

Although surgery was the go-to option for chronic back pain and slipped discs in the past, they can now be treated with non-invasive IDD therapy. This treatment decompresses the painful area over a period of six weeks and lots of patients notice results after one session. If you want to find out more click here.

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