How to keep excess weight off after reaching your diet goals

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You've shed the pounds but the hard work has only just begun...

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Congratulations! If you're reading this you've probably lost weight and are feeling pretty pleased with yourself. But now comes the hard bit - keeping the weight off and staying healthy for good.

If you're struggling, here are five top tips to help you stay focussed, fit and feeling fabulous...

1. Give yourself a pep talk

Remember when you carried those extra pounds - did it make you feel good? Now tell yourself that you will never go back to that and instead let all the positive feelings you have now take over. Staying slim and healthy isn't about a fad diet, it's a complete lifestyle change that requires focus, dedication and hard work. That innocent square of chocolate can soon morph into a family sized bar if you're not concentrating.

2. Exercise the smart way

An hour of heart pumping exercise five times a week is the easiest way to keep weight off for good. This can be a jog round the park, a gym session or a fun dance class with your friends. Now that you're not working out to lose weight you won't need to push yourself as hard, but you will need to be consistent. Combine aerobic exercises like jogging and swimming with high intensity bursts like sprints, jumps and weights.

3. Stay on the ball

A weekly weigh-in shouldn't be a thing of the past when you've reached your goals. Nothing will make you want to hit the gym and cut the calories like seeing the dial work its way up. Give yourself a few pounds leeway, but get back in the zone if you go over your maximum.

4. Rearrange your fridge and shop smart

Ensure the fruit, vegetables and healthier items are all in your eye line and stash any junk food right at the bottom in the salad bins. It sounds silly, but you are far less likely to snack if you can't see it! When you're in the supermarket, only buy the foods you would want to eat and ensure you have plenty of breakfast resources. Studies suggest a protein rich brekkie can suppress hunger signals and keep you feeling fuller for longer.

5. Treat yourself!

Invest in the new you by treating yourself to clothes and fancy underwear and throw away the old. Why keep it when you will never be going back to the bigger you?

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