Want to burn fat fast? Try these 6 tips to boost your metabolism and shed pounds

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We've asked the experts to reveal their secrets to fat burning success...

Now that holiday season is in full swing we asked Matt Roberts, one of the UK's leading health and fitness experts, to reveal his practical and realistic advice on how to shed fat for the beach. Check out his top tips below...

1. Eat Small Meals at Regular Intervals

Rather than eating three large meals try to eat five to seven smaller meals and snacks throughout the day. This will help you regulate your hunger and provide a steady flow of energy meaning you won't be so tempted to start snacking. If you really struggle with feelings of hunger, try a supplement designed to reduce your appetite. The fibre-rich Lean Body supplement is designed to be taken before meals to prevent overeating.

2. Drink Water or Green Tea

Fruit juice and fizzy drinks are laden with calories which will promote fat storage and only provide you with a short term burst of energy. In the long term they will leave you feeling tired and lethargic. Staying hydrated by drinking lots of water will help to prevent hunger pangs and burn fat more efficiently. You can also try green tea that actually enhances your metabolism allowing you to burn fat when you're at rest or sat in front of your office computer.

3. Bodyweight Exercise Can Get Results

Squats, lunges and press ups from the knees are all great exercises for getting into shape. You don't need to struggle with heavy dumbbells or be an experienced gym goer to do these exercises at home. Get into a routine where you do a simple circuit in front of the television every night leading up to your holiday. Here's a great circuit to get you started.

4. Target the Process Not the Result

Set your goals on factors that you can control. Often dieters become fixed on a number such as 'lose one stone' or 'get a six-pack'. This type of long term goal is good to aim for; but it is also important to have smaller, achievable goals to help maintain your motivation. Focussing on processes, good habits, regular exercise and things that you can achieve can keep you on track. Set yourself targets such as drinking two litres of water a day or consuming five portions of fruit a day. This is a realistic and motivating way to set your goals.

5. Try as Many Forms of Exercise as Possible

Combining different types of exercise such as Pilates, running and weight training can help maximize your bikini body results. Celebrities who have the best bodies use a range of training methods - generally they may credit one form of exercise but remember they may be doing up to 4 hours a day of training- it is hard not to get a result with that volume of exercise!

Be practical and do as much physical activity as you can. Climbing stairs, walking instead of getting the bus and trying different pieces of equipment at the gym will test your body and help you to find a healthy lifestyle that suits you.

6. Match Intentions With Action

How many people do you know who start a diet that's finished in four weeks? Refocusing your goals and achieving your ideal physique is something that most people want to do but very rarely put the effort into achieving. Make the change this month and match your intentions with the right actions. If this means starting an exercise routine or cleaning up your diet then get focussed. Set your goals, make a plan and do it so you achieve the results that you talk about.

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