9 tips to make your diet more bearable

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Step away from that greasy grub & maintain your diet self discipline...

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A new diet can be an uphill struggle, so make sure you keep your motivation to lose weight and your eyes on the goal.

Gerry Copley-Smith, founder of heath and fitness retreat, REVIVAL boot camp – talks us through her top ten tips for keeping on the straight and narrow…

1. Plan ahead
Plan your meals in advance and make lists before you go shopping. Not only will this cut wastage and reduce food bills but it will also help you to avoid temptation.

2. Enjoy the perfect portions
Using a portion calculator can also help to ensure that you don't fall into the trap of eating more than you need to. There are a whole host of good online outlets which will help you to calculate the size and content of your meal portions, such as lovefoodhatewaste.com

3. Take a break
Leaving a gap of 3-5 hours between eating can help to control your appetite and maintain vital energy levels. Don't assume that starving yourself all day will help you to lose weight; it will actually make you more likely the gorge in the evening.

4. Savour every mouthful
Chewing your food properly can have a big impact on digestion and appetite.

If you eat your food too quickly or forget to chew properly, you are more likely to overindulge and experience digestive discomfort.

5. Water is the way forward
Staying well hydrated will keep you thinking clearly, excreting efficiently and feeling energised.

When you are dehydrated you are more likely to become tired and irritated, which could make keeping to a strict diet plan even harder.

Take a glass of water to bed with you and drink a few sips before you go to sleep. Remember that feeling thirsty is actually a late sign of dehydration so don't wait until you're craving a glass of something cold to decide to drink water.

6. It's ok to say no
Try not to let your eyes be bigger than your belly. Stay in control and learn to say 'no' to certain things.

Choose a suitable plate size and don't overfill your crockery with giant portions. Saying 'no' once in a while does not mean depriving yourself of anything that you enjoy; it just means enjoying treats more sensibly.

7. Sleep your troubles away
Make sure you leave enough time in your busy schedule to get an adequate amount of sleep.

If you're tired, it becomes all too easy to reach for the bacon sandwich and giant cup of coffee in the morning, to give you that quick boost of energy.

There are a number of foods that can help to ensure you get a better night's sleep. Combine foods that are high in calcium, as this plays a role in the activation of the production of melatonin – the hormone responsible for regulating the body's sleep/wake cycle.

Calcium also works with magnesium to calm the body and help relax the nerves and muscles, so combining yoghurt with nut and seed granola, or bananas with oatcakes is a good option.

8. Manage your stress levels
Stress management plays an important role in maintaining a healthy body composition.

Stress can have a big influence on food choices so make sure you get enough sleep and include some form of relaxation in your life. Avoid low calorie or obsessive diet plans, which will also promote stress.

9. Feed your brain
Include oily fish, nuts and green leafy vegetables in your diet. This will provide you with a good source of iron, protein and omega 3 which will keep you calm, energised and ready to face another day in the office.

For more information, visit revivalbootcamp.com

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