What your sleeping position says about your personality

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Whether you sleep like a baby or a starfish, there is a link between the position we sleep in and our personality traits. Find out what your snoozing stance says about you...

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Do you sleep like a baby? If you end up curled up on one side with your legs bent it means you have a tough exterior but are shy and sensitive underneath it all.

It also means you take time to warm up to new people but after you relax, you become really social. Sucking your thumb however says something completely different...


If you sleep on your side with both your arms stretched out in front of you - then you are a yearner. This means you have an open personality but are prone to suspicion and cynicism.

If you are a yearner you are a slow decision maker, but once you pick one, you stick to your guns.


Sleeping lying on your back with both arms straight at your sides means you sleep in the soldier position. You soldiers are disciplined, have high expectations for yourself and others and are often quiet and reserved in nature. Atttttennnntion!


The log position is if you lie on your side with legs straight and both arms resting at your sides.

You loggers are social, easy-going and trusting of people - although this means you sometimes become prone to gullibility. Also this sleeping stance may lead to more nightmares. Yikes. 


You like to sleep on your stomachs with your head turned to the side, and your arms curled up by or under your pillow. If you are a freefaller, you are brash and sociable on the outside, but it's all a front for being insecure and nervous on the inside. You are very sensitive to criticism.


As it sounds, starfish sleepers snooze with their legs sprawled wide and their arms flung open near their heads.

These bed hogs make friendship a priority, but dislike being centre of attention. They are always there for everyone else and make other people's problems a priority, often ending up as a sounding board.

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