Are you ready for a colder and darker Autumn? Try these healthy 'transition' foods

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Prepare your body for the onslaught of cold germs and dark mornings...

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Summer is well and truly over (excuse us while we go and cry in the corner) so now's the time to put away the delicate salad leaves and fruit cocktails and revisit our stodgy fibrous favourites.

If you're not ready to say bye bye to the sunshine and hello to the cold winter nights it's time to investigate autumnal foods like apples, pears, winter squash and hearty parsnip soups.

From steaming pies to warming apple crumbles; the best September, October and November meals should include at least one of these health boosting ingredients...

If you want to stay warm and cosy without developing a layer of 'hibernation blubber', take a look at these top three nuggets of advice from Izzy Cameron, Nutrition and Weight Management Specialist at Diet Chef...

Don't give in to the darker nights: As soon as the nights start to get darker, our motivation to keep active starts to wane. Try not to give into the sofa too soon though and look for alternative ways to keep moving and burn those calories, such as a new exercise DVD or a local exercise class.

Keep an eye on cosy comfort food calories: As we start eating fewer salads and opt for more warming, hearty foods, our portion size tend to increase as well. Since this is also the time we start to reach for jumpers and cosy clothes, as well as become less active, the extra pounds gained from increased food consumption can slowly and steadily creep on. Enjoy the change in season; just be conscious of portion size.

Don't forget to drink (water that is!): When it's warmer in the summer months we consciously drink more water. But when it starts to get cooler we don't consider this as much. Drinking water helps keep skin hydrated and looking good. It maintains the body's balance of fluids, but also helps keep calories in check as often we confuse hunger with thirst.

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