Top 3 vibration training exercises to tone & shape your body

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Stop starring at that mysterious vibrating machine in your gym & start to use it to tone up fast...

power plating exercise
By now you are either a complete vibration training convert, or you star longingly at the machine from across the gym too scared to approach but aware of it's wondrous promise of fast toning.

So can it really deliver and how do you use one without looking like an idiot?

Facts and Fiction about vibration training
'Vibration training is probably one of the most misunderstood forms of fitness training,' explains health & fintes consultant Monika Akabusi. 'You would have seen by now in your gym, people will literally just stand or sit on the platform in the hope that the body fat will simply just `wobble` off. That's fiction.'

Here the facts
'The truth is you have to exercise on the plate in order to get tighter abs, firmer thighs or nicely shaped arms. But the great news is that due to the high intensity of the resistance, which in this case is the vibration, you can get amazing results super fast,' explains Monika.

Only 10 minutes a day
'Research has shown that you can achieve equivalent results of an hour's conventional workout in about 10 mins on a vibration plate.'

More health benefits
'Other benefits of vibration training include reduction in cellulite, increased core stability and flexibility, increased bone density and a decrease in blood pressure.'

Top 3 vibration training exercises to tone & shape your body

The Lunge
For tight legs and butt (pictured above).

Place one foot forward onto the platform and bend the other leg. Start your machine. Hold this position for 10-15 secs before changing to the other legs. You will feel the effect immediately.

power plating exercise

Take it to the bridge

The Bridge
For a firm butt and lean hamstrings.

Position yourself in front of the platform as demonstrated. Set and start the machine at the console lower down the column or remotely.

Place both feet on top of the platform and raise your hips by tightening your butt muscles. Hold this position for 10-15 secs before returning to the floor for a short rest period. Repeat 6-8 times.

power plating exercise

Be gone bingo wings

Triceps Dip
For super toned upper arms

Start the machine. Sit with your back facing the platform and place both hands with straight arms on top of the plate. Then slowly begin to bend your elbows until you feel workload on the back of your arms as demonstrated. Hold position for 8-10 secs before straightening your elbows again. Repeat 6-8 times.

Monika Akabusi is a Health and Fitness Consultant, Director Powrx UK



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