A model nutrition handbook: Miranda Kerr shares her daily superfood diet

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Miranda Kerr spills on the foods that keep her healthy & happy…

Miranda Kerr looks lovely in lacy LWD

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Miranda Kerr has shared her 'personal nutrition handbook' in a video showing the superfoods she likes to eat daily to give her perfect skin, bags of energy and boost her mood (and yes, Noni juice is in there).

Miranda, who studied nutrition and health psychology before embarking on her modelling career, offered the insight into what gives her overall wellbeing in a video for Net-A-Porter.

So what's on the menu at the Miranda Kerr/Orlando Bloom homestead?

Noni juice
The ex Victoria's Secret model drinks it twice daily with water. It's good for your skin and general health. As Miranda has been drinking it since she was 12, we'll believe it works.

Organic coconut oil
Miranda explains she uses it in her kitchen every day to cook with and in salads as it has many health benefits including lowering cholesterol levels and aiding digestion.

This misunderstood little fella is rich in fibre, healthy fats, and antioxidants.

Miranda explains that this super grain seed is a 'complete protein', containing the eight essential amino acids needed for tissue developement.

The big four
Also on the daily diet are:

Acai powder
Chai seeds
Raw cacao powder
Maca powder

'These superfoods are loaded with essential nutrients which can enhance your energy, fight disease, improve your memory and also help with your moods,' explains Kerr.

We're off to the supermarket - here's Miranda to tell you more...


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