The best Great British Bake Off phrases and what they really mean

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Want to get down with the GBBO kids? Here's the sayings you need to know...

Great British Bake Off

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Now that the fourth series of BBC Two's hit show The Great British Bake Off is well and truly under way, we thought it was high time to give all those GBBO virgins out there a little master class in the words and phrases that make the show great.

From Mary's signature 'soggy bottom' to a 'technical bake', these quotable GBBO sayings are essential elements of the show. Get to know them and you'll be hooked in no time...

Under-baked: One of Mary and Paul's favourite phrases, this interchangeable term is used when cakes, pastry and pies aren't cooked to perfection and end up slightly soggy, or in some horrible cases, completely raw. No contestant wants to hear this, especially from hyper critical Paul Hollywood.

Soggy bottom: The quintessential Bake Off term, this will be used predominantly by Mary Berry any time a pastry casing, pie or tart has a soft, undercooked underside. This is a guaranteed fail, but won't automatically lead to an elimination unless it's really really awful. The contestants dread this remark, but hope for...

An even bake: Often used when contestants create multiple sponges or batches of croissants, cakes, bagels or pies. An even bake implies that all products produced are of an equal colour and size and that all are cooked equally. Three burnt offerings due to poor oven placement will not be acceptable.

'It's got a good wobble': Used by Paul Hollywood when making panacotta and crème caramel - two notoriously tricky desserts. A 'good wobble' implies the dessert is well cooked, holding it's shape but not overdone. A thumbs up for the contestants.

Beautifully moist: Mary's posh side comes out during cake baking sessions when she discusses the texture and consistency of sponges. This compliment is when a sponge is so perfectly crafted that it's soft and light, not dry and dense.

Signature bake: The first round of each weekly episode which focuses on each contestants' creative interpretation of a brief. Episode one featured sandwich cakes, with contestants experimenting with different colours, flavours, textures and ingredients. They all have to make the same thing, but with their own twist.

Technical bake: The second and arguably the most difficult round of the weekly competition is the 'technical challenge' where contestants are given a stripped back recipe and asked to recreate it. The contestants are then judged blind by Mary and Paul who have no idea which contestant has created which plate of food. The bakers are then ranked from best to worst with one being crowned the winner.

The Showstopper: This is the final round where contestants can get creative with a dazzling creation that works around a loose brief. Episode one of season four was chocolate cake with exceptional decoration, but other memorable challenges include the gingerbread round in series three - John re-created the Colosseum!

Star baker: The title given to the contestant who's impressed the judges the most during the Signature, Technical and Showstopper rounds. The ultimate weekly accolade, but not an indication of safety in the competition.

'On your marks, get set...BAKE!': The crucial klaxon repeated by hosts Mel and Sue that allows the contestants to start baking. You'll be saying it with them by episode three.

Want to take things up a gear? Try the Great British Bake Off drinking game - all you need to do is take a sip of your alcoholic beverage any time any of these terms are uttered...You'll be dancing on the tables in no time.

What do you think? Do you have anything to add to our GBBO dictionary?



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