Tracey Cox sex advice: How to have great sex during a heatwave

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Sex expert Tracey Cox explains how the high temperatures needn't dampen your passion...

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When it's hot and sweaty and sleeping without the window open feels like torture, it's easy to find the idea of sex a bit, well, too much like hard work.

Luckily sex and relationship expert Tracey Cox has a few suggestions to turn your roasting bedroom into a boudoir. Take a look at her advice below...

1. Heatwaves are great for sex:

It's boiling hot and we're all wandering around wearing a lot less. Your sex drive increases. Fact. Show off by investing in a sheer silk slip that will keep you cool and make his eyes pop out of his head. This is also the perfect opportunity to try ice cubes in the bedroom. Start by tracing a chilly path along his naked torso and then follow it with your tongue. The temperature change will send the good kind of shivers down his spine.

2. Try things that are a little less energetic.

Focus less on intercourse and more on lazy oral sex if you don't want to get too flustered. Tell each other that you will only move on to intercourse if you've hit the 30 minute foreplay time limit - it might sound like a long time, but your body will have had plenty of time to warm-up (and that means more lubrication and a bigger G-Spot). Take a look at our best blow job tips in the gallery below...

3. Try sex in the shower:

There's nothing sexy about slipping over during the throws of passions, so put a bath mat down. The same goes for dashing out covered in soap desperately seeking a condom. Have everything in the bathroom so you can grab things you need without ruining the moment. When you're ready to go, face the shower wall while he stands behind you.

Rest your hands flat against the wall and lean in slightly to improve the angle, then put one foot up on the corner of the tub (or just bend it if you're in a stand alone shower cubicle). If this doesn't work, face each other and hook one of your legs around his waist. He'll need to put his free hand on the shower wall for balance. Oh, and don't forget, latex condoms can be damaged by soap so make sure the rubber you're using is suitable before you kick off the action.

4. Al fresco sex is great:

Spontaneously jumping into the nearest bush is guaranteed to end in disaster, so have a frank discussion with your partner about where, when and how you're going to have sex outdoors. If it's a sexual fantasy, try and get to the root of why you find it such a turn on. Is it the risk of getting caught? If this is the case, stick to locations that are hidden away but still close enough to habitation to create an erotic thrill.

5. Don't get caught:

Fields, hedgerows, bushes and forests can be amazing locations but are not for the shy and retiring. If you're worried about being exposed, find a barn on a quiet farm, a densely wooded area or a quiet cove along the shoreline. Shelter from the elements is a good idea too - no one wants a sunburned bum!

6. Best positions

Erect is best. Standing positions are better for high-risk outdoors sex as you can easily extricate yourselves from the situation and make a run for it! Stand with your back to him, bend over and grab your legs or the nearest available surface. With him slipping his trousers down just a tad and you lifting your skirt, he can penetrate you and stimulate that nerve-packed God-that-feels-good front vaginal wall.

PS: It is perfectly legal to have having sex outdoors as long as no one sees you and it is not in a public place such as a park or toilets.

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