15 types of sex you should have in your 20s

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A sexual bucket list of things to do before you hit the big three zero...

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Your twenties is a time of sexual experimentation, generally sleeping around (what? It's true) and a handful of sexual disasters thrown in there for fun.

Here's a list of sexual encounters everyone needs to do in their twenties...

1. Utterly rubbish sex
Let's face it – if you bite enough apples, a couple are going to be rotten…or some sort of analogy that means you are bound to have really crap sex. It happens. And it's the stuff that late night wine drinking sessions with the girls are made of.

2. The you'll do sex
You don't really like them, you're not sure they even like you that much – but hey, you're both here (or can be in a few minutes) and both have nothing better to do. So why not do each other?

3. The I-never-noticed-you-when-we-were-young sex
Everyone moves away from home and then inevitably they come back again for Christmas, or a party and bump into people from their old life they never noticed before. Now the pressures of school gossip and judgement don't apply – everyone needs to have a fling with someone from the past.

4. Mind-blowing sex
Sex when you were a teenager generally sucked. When you hit your twenties, everyone gets to have that toe-curling, mind-boggling, oh my what have I been missing sexual encounter. It's the sexual light bulb moment.

5. Sleeping with the friend sex
At some point in your twenties, everyone thinks it's a brilliant idea to sleep with a good platonic friend. One possible outcome is you're meant for each other and everyone will laugh about it on your wedding day. Unlikely. More often than not you'll either decide it was a horrible mistake and laugh about it, you'll become friends with benefits or you never ever speak again.

6. Caught by the parents sex
When you don't have your own lockable front door, this is inevitable.

7. Rebound sex
Everyone's been there. You think he's really hot, you're feeling pretty low after a break-up so you think it's a great idea to sleep with them. Either you'll get half way through the sex and start crying, or you'll think they're 'the one' for weeks until a good friend points out that you have rose-tinted break up glasses on.

8. Al fresco sex
Go at it outdoors. A lot. It has to be done and once people cross over the 30s threshold – they become more sensible about the whole thing. It goes hand-in-hand with questioning the maintenance records on rollercoasters.

9. I kissed a girl & I like it sex
Ok, so not everyone switches teams just to see if they like it - but if you're going to try experimenting, your twenties will be when it happens.

10. The one night stand sex
The accidental sexual encounter that leaves you high tailing it out of someone's bedroom before daybreak with your knickers in your handbag.

11. Leave me alone, I bought a vibrator sex
Everyone remembers their first vibrator. Ah the memories. And then everyone loses a week to it before they realise eventually they need to put it back in the drawer and have a social life.

12. Best location sex
If you have ever played 'I have never' – then you'll be aware that having sex in creative places wins points. Go at it in weird and wonderful locations and then brag.

13. Horrifically drunk sex
This could also fall under the bracket of rubbish sex. When you, or both of you, are so utterly wasted that you think you are really sexy. But you're not. It usually involves people falling over, getting trapped in clothes and falling asleep half way through.

14. The ex sex
One last time. Just one last time. Call it closure, call it torture – but sometimes you just have to go back and have sex with someone you know you shouldn't.

15. Let the neighbours hear sex
Really really loud sex is meant for your twenties. Temporary rented flats, boys that'll probably get dumped, and friends that will think it's funny. Go all When Harry Met Sally on it.



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