It's World Poetry Day! But is poetry still romantic for the average Brit?

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To celebrate a day of sonnets and rhymes we consider the romantic side of poetry...


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It's World Poetry Day (Thursday 21 March) which means people across the world will be dusting off their Shakespeare, finding their Frost and wooing with Whitman. The big day, which has been organised by the UN to promote reading, writing, publishing and the teaching of poetry across the globe, has got us thinking - is poetry still romantic?

In a bygone time, a saucy sonnet or racy rhyme could go a long way to helping you woo that special someone, but is poetry seen as something of a relic by today's singletons? According to research by Zoosk, modern men aren't adverse to penning a poem for their romantic interest, but they're more likely to pick their favourite love song.

New research shows that nearly three quarters of Britons still find poetry romantic, which means it might be high time to find that old book of Shakespeare sonnets and ask "Shall I compare thee to a Summer's day?"

We were shocked to discover that 70% of people who read poetry are deemed attractive by the opposite sex - but surely it depends on the context. Someone whipping out a book of love poems in a club probably isn't as impressive as them busting out killer dance moves, so why do lovers still find it so alluring?

Well, considering 38% of people have never ever written a poem, perhaps it's the fact that a romantic partner took the time and made the effort to write a few lines that makes us feel special. Considering what we've got on offer in the 21st century (a romantic tweet or a cheesy chat up line) maybe we're all gaga about poetry because it takes us back to a Downton Abbey-style time of courting and illicit upstairs/downstairs encounters.

Despite this, 57% of those surveyed said they consider a perfectly written love song or a cleverly crafted text message as the ultimate form of modern day poetry...but you don't find many people reading Taylor Swift or translating emoticons at a wedding service, do you?

Whatever your opinion on poetry, it's clear that men are more willing to give it a go than women. 41% of red-blooded males have written a ditty for their loved one, compared to just 30% of women. Perhaps we'll find our very own Prince Charming after all...

What do you think of poetry? Could you be wooed by a few lovely verses?



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