The top 5 things you should never text your ex-boyfriend

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Before you let your thumbs get carried away, have a think about what you're sending...

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Sometimes texting an ex is an essential part of the post-break-up clean up. You might need to collect your stuff from his flat or maybe he's just lost his job and you want to offer a kind word of support. Whatever you do, try and honour a no-contact rule for at least the first one to three months depending on the circumstances of the break-up.

You both need the chance to move on and close that chapter of your life. If your idle hands are starting to tap out texts just make sure you don't send anything like these cringe worthy messages below...

1. 'Hey, How are you?'

The problem with this sort of message is that it's completely ambiguous and open-ended. How do you expect him to respond to this, and if you're no longer together is there any reason why he should? Stick to texts with a firm point, like needing to pick up the cat or pay the balance off the old joint electric bill. Don't put him in an awkward spot by expecting him to decipher your 'hidden meaning' (even if there wasn't one to begin with).

2. 'Happy Birthday sweetie pie!'

It's hard to stay friends after a difficult break-up and most couples don't really manage it. Sending him messages like you're bffs will only heighten awkwardness and make his friends (and yours) wonder what's going on. Affectionate phrases, flirty emoticons and pet names should all be reserved for relationships, they definitely don't belong in post break-up texts.

3. 'You're about as attractive as a sack of potatoes you idiot'

If you had a really difficult break-up it's understandable that you'll be feeling pretty angry, but don't let yourself down by sending hurtful messages. Take the high road, avoid drunk texting like the plague and don't take your loneliness out on your ex. Embrace single life and show him just how strong you are by moving on.

4. 'Did you get my message?'

You've sent a text and he hasn't replied - it's time to face the fact that he's probably ignored you. Sending countless 'did you get my text?' texts is only going to make you seem desperate and stuck in the past.

5. 'I'm so so so sorry please don't be angry with me'

It's hard to show real emotion via text, so talking about your relationship and reminiscing over the past in message form won't seem quite as affectionate as it did in your head. Even if you're desperate to get back with him, make sure all the important conversations happen in person. Oh, and whatever you do don't offer yourself up as a booty call or send sexy pics.

If in doubt just don't text your ex and save yourself a whole world of embarrassment and second guessing. If you really can't help yourself, just remember you might not get the response you want - or a response full stop!

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