Are you addicted to relationships? 3 ways to embrace the single life

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If you jump from one relationship to another it's time to consider a single semester...

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We all love being in love, but learning to see a relationship as a way of life isn't necessarily healthy. At some point you have to be single, cope on your own and learn how to survive without the support of a partner.

If you're the sort of girl who falls out of love only to fall head over heels again in two weeks, it might be time to reassess your relationship rules.

Here are three ways to tell if you're addicted to relationships...

+ If you've never not been in a relationship since your teenage years, you might be stuck in a rut. Long term relationships are great if you're blissfully in love, but people change and after five years together what started as love might now be a form of co-dependence. Decide why you embark on a relationship. Is it because you fancy, admire and respect the man your with, or is it because you're afraid to be alone?

+ You spend all your time with your man and become part of his friendship group at the expense of your own. Relationship addicts often assume that their partnership is their life rather than one aspect of their life. Of course, it's a crucial element, but that doesn't mean your own personal passions, friends, family, dreams and career aspirations aren't (or can't be) more important in the long-run.

+ Many relationship addicts become 'mirrors' of their partners. This means you start to reflect their interests, dress sense and mannerisms as if they are actually part of your personality. Making an effort to enjoy your partners' interests is a crucial part of any successful relationship, but this shouldn't come at the expense of your own. Reassess how your life has changed or ask friends for an honest opinion.

Now, take a look at how you can embrace the single life and reassess your relationship rules...

+ Start with the simple question - do I love, respect and admire the man I'm with? If the answer is no try and assess why you are still in the relationship. Are you scared to move on, scared to be alone, or just financially tied to him? Think about how being single would benefit your life. You might have time to start that cooking course you've been eyeing online or the opportunity to travel with friends to exotic locations.

The key for a relationship addict is to remember that being single doesn't mean you have to be alone!

+ Finding new ways to comfort yourself and find affection away from a relationship is the most difficult aspect of single life for addicts. Find confidence and empowerment through a new job or a promotion, or spend more time with close friends and family. Give yourself an adrenaline boost by joining the gym, taking a new Zumba class or hitting the dry slopes. Learn to define yourself without a plus one.

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