Will my mum like her? What he's really thinking about on a first date

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Ever wondered what's going through his head? Here's the lowdown on the male mind...

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First date nerves are to be expected, but sometimes it's just impossible to figure out what the chap sitting opposite you is pondering. Is he having fun? Does he seem nervous? Is he picturing me naked? Who knows!

But dating experts are convinced that there are five key things that will ALWAYS pass through your date's mind when he meets you for the first time.

Find out what they are below and let us know what you think in the comments box below...

1. "OMG should I be leading the conversation now?"

On the first date you're both trying to gauge each others' conversation styles. If you're worried you're leading the conversation give him chance to open up and start the next topic. He's probably panicking that he's not saying enough or coming up with interesting talking points. The best thing you can do is keep everything light, breezy and remember every time you talk about yourself, ask a question in return.

2. "Not sure if my mum would like her!"

He's undoubtedly picturing you with his friends and family on your date, so make sure your first impression is a good one. Being friendly to waiters, not being too fussy with food and coming across as easy going will make you appear more accessible (and therefore more likely to nestle neatly into his social circle).

3. "Will she tell her friends I just made that stupid joke?"

Once he's finished worrying what his best mates will think about you, he'll start to think about what you'll tell your mates about him! He might start worrying about that slightly inappropriate joke he just told, or the fact he hinted at liking clay pigeon shooting. Calm his nerves by smiling, taking silly slip-ups in your stride and letting him know you're not the person who makes a mountain out of a mole hill.

4. "I wonder if she's high maintenance"

If you start demanding a double whip, non-fat, extra hot, extra shot, caramel latte you might start to ring the high-maintenance alarm bells in his head. Of course you want to make an impact, but dressing inappropriately for the venue, pushing for compliments and expecting him to pay for everything might make him panic.

5. "Aaaahhh, does she like me!"

By the end of the date, he's definitely trying to work out whether you like him or not. You're undoubtedly doing the same thing, so be clear about your intentions. If you like him, don't pretend otherwise and act cool. Laughing honestly and naturally is a great way to show him your relaxed and enjoying his company. If you're really not interested, keep your body language closed, be polite and end the date with a handshake rather than a kiss on the cheek.

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