The top 5 lies that can make or break your relationship

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White lies can spare someone's feelings, but they can also be dangerous...

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In some situations a little white lie isn't a bad thing, but when does a fib become a massive relationship-rocking lie?

We've rounded up the top five 'lie or not to lie' situations to discover what's good and what's bad for your relationship...

What do I think of your mum? Errrm...

If he asks for your opinion of his family don't feel like you have to big them up. If his mum's been rude to you or his brother's ignored you all day, it's not a crime to say something. Being authentic and honest is one of the corner stones of your relationship, and bottling up your feelings will only cause you to snap at inappropriate future moments.

In this situation, it's probably not what your say but how you say it. Announcing that his mum is an A-grade bitch isn't going to go down as well as 'I felt like your mum was being a bit quiet, maybe even a bit cold. Does she not like me?'.

How many people have I slept with? Wow, errrmm...

Aaah the ex-question, one of those conversations that's bound to cause cold sweats and nervous laughter. Usually these sort of 'sexual history' questions are a trap, so a simple 'I don't want to talk about that, I'm with you now' should be your go-to response. Too many details will lead to more questions and, eventually, you justifying yourself for imaginary slights.

Do those trousers make you look fat? Welllll...

It's not just women who worry about the answer to this question. If he asks you how he looks, don't suggest he needs to change his hair or sort out his problem skin - he won't be able to do much about them in the moment and he'll be left feeling insecure. Letting him know his tie is clashing or his trousers have an oil mark on them is a whole different ball game. As long as he knows you still love and fancy him any honest discussions about his appearance shouldn't sting.

Do I flirt with other men when you're not around? Hhhmmm...

If you've been enjoying a bit of harmless flirting think about why you would want to tell him. Are you trying to make him feel jealous? If this is the case, you should have a frank discussion about what you need from the relationship. Anything more serious is always better out in the open before serious cracks start to appear. Oh and flirting with the mechanic to give you a discount...that's a white lie in the making.

Did I orgasm? Here's the thing...

Telling him yes in this situation is like lying to yourself rather than him. Think how hurt he would be to find out he's been rubbish in bed for months - saving his ego will eventually lead to crushing it. Be courageous enough to explain what you want in the bedroom by giving suggestions, initiating new positions and guiding him to the right spots.

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