Make love your New Year's Resolution! Top tips for scoring a January date

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eHarmony's relationship expert, Jenni Trent Hughes, reveals her top dating advice

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Whew! You've successfully navigated your way through the Christmas office parties and endless array of pre and post Christmas gatherings with your dignity intact.

But now that 2013 has well and truly arrived it's time to get out there and meet someone special.

Luckily the dating and relationship experts at eHarmony are on hand to guide us through the murky world of New Year dating.

Here are Jenni Trent Hughes' top 5 tips for scoring a date this January...

1. Become the person you'd want to date

The post-Christmas blues can leave you feeling deflated, dejected and just not in the right frame of mind for dating. But if your goal is to get a date it's time to give yourself a kick up the behind. If you're feeling really ambitious make concrete plans to do try something new in the coming months such as booking yourself on a climbing course, or planning a holiday to somewhere you've never been. Next time you head out, you'll have a spring in your step and an air of confidence that will hugely increase your chances of meeting someone new.

2. Get online – or get better online

If you're not a party person, take the plunge and start online dating. If you've already got an online dating profile, it might be time to refresh it a little. Take a look at the photos you've uploaded and what you've written and then ask yourself these questions:

• Are my photos varied, and do I look happy and relaxed in them?
• Do I sound happy and positive?
• Do I convey the kind of person I'm truly looking for?
• Is this the best possible representation of me?
• Does my profile stand out from the crowd?

If the answer is no, go back to the drawing board.

3. Get set up

Your friendship network is a powerful tool for meeting new people. Perhaps the old theory about there just being six degrees of separation in the world isn't necessarily true, but your friends know people, who know people. This is no time to be shy – put yourself out there, and ask if they know any suitable singles. They might know someone looking for a date too.

4.Throw your own party

As long as you've got the space why not throw your own party? Open up your doors, and ensure that friends are actively encouraged to bring along people they know (who are hopefully also single). The thing about being single is that you have to grab every opportunity to meet new people, expand your network and hopefully line up dates. Sitting on your sofa hoping the dates will come to you just won't cut it.

5. Get used to going it alone

Most of us take friends along to events, but that often means we end up hiding in a corner and not meeting new people. Get used to going to parties, singles events and speed dating sessions alone - at first you might feel embarrassed and awkward but this will soon fade when you start chatting.

Start the year in the way you mean to continue, onward and upward!

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