Tips from the experts for throwing the best New Year's Eve party ever

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These industry movers & shakers know how to throw an amazing party...

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If you are throwing a big New Year's eve party - make sure it's a bash to remember.

Some of the movers and shakers in the events world have got some top tips to offer on making your doo the party of the year...

Break the ice
'Not everyone wants to play twister at 9pm as they arrive. Helping to introduce people to each other can help get the party started. We've used a magician in the past, just mingling as though he was a regular party goer. One of the best decisions we've made!'
Ralph Cochrane, Creative Grid

Be a one off
'Have a special cocktail created that fits the theme of your event. It will create conversation, get the party started and create a lasting memory of something unique.'
Elinor Barnatt, Old Spitalfields Market

Do something different with your food
'Why not have Xmas/New Year dinner on a stick? Or ask your venue if their chefs can do different food stations, make your own risotto, for example?'
Samme Allen, Barbican

Treat your guests
'Surprising, quirky elements and thoughtful finishing touches are a fabulous way of showing creativity and care for the guests. These things will make a party memorable. And of course, gifts are always a winner!'
Lucy Hughes, Circus Bar

Keep it exclusive
'Everyone loves a bit of exclusivity. Saying 'invitation only' instantly give value to your event. Free often means people won't turn up.'
Ralph Cochrane, Creative Grid

But keep it real
'Don't over think. Your aim is to give your guest a great, memorable event, that should be your ambition. If something hasn't been done in the past, there may be a very good reason for that. Don't overstretch at risk of ruining the event.'
Mark Fuller, Concept Venues

'Music sets the tone to your party and can be an ice breaker. Plan your playlist carefully, if you don't have a DJ.

For the first hour, play music that makes people smile and feel upbeat, like top tracks from another era. Additionally to your main playlist, prepare various music genre playlists to be used in case you see that your guests react positively to a style of music, then you can easily switch to that genre and satisfy them.'
Marion Gamel, Eventbrite

Get the glow
'No budget for professional lighting? No panic! Candles bring a lovely glow and are very festive, but get loads of them or it won't look like anything special. Down a corridor, in the garden or in the fireplace always look great.'
Marion Gamel, Eventbrite

Theme it
'To ensure your party is memorable, give it a theme. It could be linked to the music ("Back to the 90's"), or the decor ("Bollywood extravaganza").

As many as possible of the party details should make reference to that theme. An 80's themed party could have mini hot dogs as nibbles, served on old vinyl record, and you could give each guest as they leave a rubix-cube!'
Marion Gamel, Eventbrite

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