December is the worst month of the year to eat out

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Restaurant goers are fed up with bad service in the run-up to Christmas. Bah humbug...

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Diners have voted December the worst month to eat out.

Waiting ages to get seated, poor customer service, cold food and bill mistakes mean people are opting to eat in this Christmas.

With December being the busiest month of the year in the restaurant biz, diners have complained they wait ages for the food and often get ignored by waiting staff.

A quarter of people have been so fed up with their service they have walked out without paying. Wut oh.

The research carried out by SMG, a customer insight agency, found that half of those polled think restaurants massively underestimate the amount of staff they need in Christmas party season.

Top 10 December Dining Disasters

1. Stressed out staff
2. Waited ages for a meal to be served
3. Struggled to get the attention of staff for the bill
4. Waited ages to be seated
5. Not enough staff to cope with customers
6. Order has been forgotten
7. Food is of a lower standard than normal
8. Walked out of a restaurant after a bad experience
9. Served a cold meal
10. Suffered a mistake with the bill
11. Sent a meal back which was inedible
12. Been given the wrong meal
13. Waitress or waiter has dropped crockery or glassware
14. Been on the receiving end of a rude member of staff
15. Refused to pay a bill
16. Argued with fellow diners
17. Waiter or waitress dropped food down you
18. Gone home with food poisoning
19. Whole place was overcrowded
20. Never returned to a restaurant again

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