Sunday Dinners are soooo last year! 98% of Brits don't enjoy a roast

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Soon meat and two veg could be off the menu completely for the average British family...

Roast dinner
We're all gearing up for Christmas and the inevitable homeward bound journey that follows, but new research out today suggests that the majority of us are missing out on quality family time.

According to a new survey of the nation's eating habits, 98% of Brits don't sit down for a traditional Sunday roast, instead opting for a ready meal or a bowl of quick and easy pasta.

Despite 50% of the nation living within 10 miles of their nearest and dearest only 2% get together with them on the weekend for a proper sit down dinner.

The study by PGI Welsh Lamb revealed that one in four of us has to resort to military tactics and months of hard prep to get the family together. No wonder the idea of a Sunday meal has gone out the window!

In fact, 83% of those surveyed said they spend less time with their families than their parents and grandparent's generation.

Family expert and parenting coach, Lorraine Thomas told us, "Families that eat together, talk and stay together. For busy mums and dads, it may not always be possible to sit down and eat as a family every day, but try to do it as often as you can. Even if you can only manage it once a week - switch off your mobile and the TV and turn that meal into an occasion, a real family event. And it's not just about the eating; everyone can have fun cooking the food and clearing up together too."

If roast chicken and all the trimmings aren't really your thing, we've got some cracking lamb recipes to tickle your experimental taste buds...

Start with quick and easy Welsh Lamb cutlets if you want to add some style to your table. Or if you're looking for something with a kick, this curry recipe will definitely wake up Grandma!

Or try this tasty balsamic chicken, asparagus and squash risotto for a proper Italian sit down.

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