Foreplay for long-term lovers

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Kate Taylor, author of the Domestic Sex Goddess delivers her best foreplay tips for long-term lovers.

Foreplay for long-term lovers
Contrary to what you might have been led to believe from recent media coverage of celebrity relationships not all relationships end in men cheating on their wives with heavily tattooed women, some people stay together for years, life even  - I know it's hard to believe but do try. The secret to their happiness? Effort. Especially in the bedroom. (Oh, OK, a forgiving heart when it comes to cleaning, childcare and lack of romance also helps.) Kate Taylor, author of the Domestic Sex Goddess, gives us her top tips for turning tired old foreplay into 'phooarrr-play' even with five years of marriage and a kid or two under your belt. So, employ some of these lusty foreplay moves at home and he'll think Christmas has come early - that or you're having an affair, either way it's good to keep him on his toes. 1 While your man is zoning out in front of the TV, sit next to him and slip your hand into his jeans. Don't catch his eye, just watch the TV while you stroke and fondle him. Then, when he is bursting out of his boxers, slide between his legs, lick him and then climb aboard. 2 Sneak into bed wearing your sexiest underwear. Use your mobile phone to video yourself masturbating, then text it to your man. He'll be in within seconds! 3 Or, video yourself performing a sexy striptease, and copy it onto dvd. Then one evening, mention that there's a good film on and settle down to watch it together. 4 Set a sexy treasure hunt around the house. Pin clues around the house, leading him upstairs to where you're waiting, naked, tied to the bed. Only try this when you know he's on his way home. 5 Just before your man gets home, remove your clothes and leave them in a trail leading towards the bathroom. 6 Hang your sexy warm knickers over the bathroom door handle, and wait in a bubble bath. 7 While he watches TV, lean over and run your tongue over his ear. Nibble gently on his ear lobe (this is a very sexy spot for most males), then swirl it inside. Place your mouth over his ear and inhale gently, then move down to kissing his neck, shoulders, and chest... undressing him as you go. Warning: Do not try this while he is engrossed in the final episode of his favourite show. 8 Buy some luminous body paint. One evening, get naked then paint the words 'F**k me' on your chest. Shine a torch on the words so they start to glow, pull on a silky dressing gown and a sexy thong, and run downstairs to where your partner is, inevitably, sitting on the sofa. In silence, turn off all the lights in the room then slip off your gown in front of him. 9 Change his home PC wallpaper to a sexy picture of you. 10 Then change it back again before your young child uses the computer. (Things I Wish I'd Remembered To Do #858). 11 Record an audio clip of yourself telling him exactly what you'd like him to do to you, making it very lusty and graphic. Send it to his mobile while you're entertaining guests, and let him wait impatiently for them to go home so he can make it come true. 12 Text a filthy message to him in the middle of a dinner party.

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