What really is the best hangover cure?

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From superfood smoothies to ice water - these hangover cures should give you booze for thought.

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Once you take that first sip of Champagne, it's tricky to turn down the next glass...and the fifth. So, prepare your kitchen cupboards for the morning after the night before.

From peanut butter smoothies to sex, this hangover advice should help you face the office the next day.

The best hangover cures

Sweet and Salty Hangover cure coffee recipe

Start your day with sugar

When you first wake up and you're itching for a huge glass of water and a mouthful of chocolate, try a sweet and salty peanut butter smoothie instead.

It's delicious, sugary and armed with a shot of caffeine to wake you up.

Booze hounds tip: Avoid a normal cup of coffee as all it does is dehydrate your body further.

Go for grease


Need something with a side order of grease? This sausage sandwich and onion relish recipe should do the trick.

The carbs and proteins should help give your body a boost, and help it burn off some of that pesky alcohol.

Avoid the fags

Quit smoking

Sorry fag ash lil, but smoking makes your hangover more intense. Just another reason to quit.

Stock up on antioxidants

Hangover cure: Superfood blackcurrant, apple and elderflower juice

Try a superfood blackcurrant, apple and elderflower juice to target your hangover with key antioxidants and vitamin C.

Get the recipe here and you'll feel better, we promise.

Does hair of the dog work?

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Hair of the dog cocktails (like Millie Mackintosh's Bloody Mary above) might sound like a good idea, but they just delay your headache...so man up and face it now.

Instead, try Kelly Brook's ice cold shower solution to literally shock your system out of a hangover and drink plenty of water.

Cure your hangover with sex

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All those endorphins and a bit of sweaty exercise can help banish that hangover. If you can find someone to deal with your gin breath of course.

Which fizzy drink is best?

Hungover dog

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According to research by Japanese scientists soda water and lemon and lime Sprite are the best at banishing a hangover because they speed up the process of burning off alcohol.

They can also reduce hangover effects by 65%. Officially the best hangover cure in the world? We think so.

The hangover diet meal plan

Steak sandwich

If you can't decide what to eat because the men drilling in your head won't let you, this simple meal plan will help. It's all about restoring your blood sugar levels with healthy, non stop snacks. We like the sound of that.

Could you be allergic to alcohol?

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Still feel terrible? Maybe by some glorious twist of fate you're actually allergic to alcohol, which is making your hangovers from hell more understandable?

The bad news? Even if you try all these hangover cures the NHS don't believe anything can help. In fact, they laugh in the face of hangover cures. Well if you've done the crime...

Take a peek at some more tried-and-tested hangover cures in the gallery below...

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