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From an 80s best man's speech to engineering girls, here's our pick of 2013's best videos...

80s music video best man's speech

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YouTube may have revealed the UK's most watched video clips of 2013 ('How animals eat their food' won btw, just in case you're interested), but we reckon they've missed a trick.

Here's our run-down of the best viral videos of 2013...

1. The 'After Ever After Disney Parody' by Paint: In this hilarious - but slightly depressing song - Jon "Paint" Cozart reveals the fates of Ariel, Jasmine, Belle and Pocahontas.

2. Mila Kunis interviews Chris Stark: This will go down in Radio 1 legend as the most awkward encounter between a superstar actress and a interviewer EVER. Read the full story here.

3. GoldieBlox's awesome engineering advert for girls: This children's toy brand is on a mission to stop the 'pinkification' of toys for little girls.

4. This lady dancing to Beyoncé before double mastectomy: Courageous breast cancer patient, Deborah Cohan, became an internet sensation after a video of her dancing to Beyoncé with her surgical team went viral.

5. Pantene's gender inequality advert: Talk about proving a point. This amazing advert highlights just how different the workplace can be for men and women. Read the full story here.

6. The 80s music video best man speech: Two brothers donned silver spandex suits and filmed the most epic best man's speech ever.

7. The Skype advert that will make you cry: If you can watch this entire film without a) crying or b) feeling an overwhelming urge to call your best friend you're dead inside.

8. If dogs had eyebrows: The 'Funny Dogs with Fake Eyebrows Video Compilation 2013' is just pure comedy genius. Watch it and lol...

9. The infamous man who started #Starbucksdrakehands: Basically, this bloke met a girl in Starbucks and sent her a creepy video of himself stroking his face to a Drake song. Enough said.

10. This remix of Cher's Take It Like a Man: Possibly the gayest music video ever, but very funny.

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