5 Reasons why Prince Harry and Cressida Bonas are so getting engaged

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The reasons are mounting and we're all just waiting for the big announcement - 'Prince Harry has proposed!'

Cressida Bonas and Prince Harry at The Book Of Mormon

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We can't wait for another royal wedding.

We've had Kate Middleton and Prince William's wedding of the year in 2011 and of course the royal baby George in the summer.

So now we're looking to Cressida Bonas and Prince Harry to give us our dose of royal romance.

Here are the reasons why it's totally on the cards.

1. Cressida has found a new job

Cressida may have trained as a dancer but she has reportedly taken a job as PA at a firm in West London.

It seems like she's made the decision to take a less 'controversial' job in preparation for becoming a royal. She doesn't want pictures of her in a teeny weeny leotard splashed all over the papers.

2. Cressida has met Harry's parents

It recently came out that Harry had taken his girlfriend to meet the family at the Queen's Sandringham estate. She reportedly got on well with his father Prince Charles and his wife Camilla. Laying good ground-work there.

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3. Harry and Cressida's trip to Africa

Harry recently took Cressida on a private trip to Africa. It is thought that this was him making an effort to show how serious he is about her and take her out of the spotlight - something she's often struggled with.

The location is special to him and he wanted to share that with her.

4. Cressida and Kate Middleton getting closer

Kate Middleton has been there before and understands what Cressida is going through.

"Kate has made PR mistakes in the past" a source told Look magazine, so she can help advise her in preparation for joining 'the firm'.

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5. Cressida is sticking around while Harry's at the Pole

Harry will be all but unreachable while he completes his 208 mile trek to the South Pole with the Walking With The Wounded Charity.

But Cressida shows no sign of going anywhere and Harry seems to have made these efforts to make her feel comfortable with his family for the time he is away.

As we said, these two are SO getting engaged.

Now the big question is, if they get married will we all get the day off?



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