Love Actually star Martine McCutcheon open up about about depression

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Martine speaks out about her experience to help other sufferers

Martine McCutcheon

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Love Actually and EastEnders star Martine McCutcheon, has opened up to The Sun about how agonising the last seven years have been for her as she's suffered with chronic fatigue syndrome ME and subsequently battled depression.

Martine, who first found fame on EastEnders before shooting to red carpet glamour after the box office hit Love Actually, has revealed, "I have not been in a nice place in my head."

"I did think it would be better if I just didn't wake up...I would just weep and weep."

The 37-year old actress found herself in the isolating throws of depression when she began suffering with symptoms of ME and could no longer cope with the exhausting schedule that new film projects demanded of her. She found herself having to turn down top acting roles and even became wheelchair bound.

"I was turning down the most amazing offers. I would see someone else do it and cry because I thought that could have been me," she told.

Martine, who was worth £2 million at the height of her fame, declared herself bankrupt in January after having her £25,000 custom made engagement repossessed by debt collectors.

However, after a long and gruelling struggle, Martine seems hopeful as she is finally beginning to feel more positive again.

"I am just taking it a day at a time and finally feeling more positive about the future."

She credits her recovery to the love and unrelenting devotion of musician hubby, Jack. The couple enjoyed the fairytale Italian wedding they deserve in 2012 after being together for five years.

"I'm the loudest, but he is so strong...if I'd been on my own, God knows what would have happened."

Martine has bravely spoken about her difficulties to "give hope to to ME sufferers". We're glad to hear you're on the mend, Martine.



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