Film Review: Lily Collins, Greg Kinnear and Logan Lerman in the heartwarming rom-com Stuck In Love

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Logan Lerman, Lily Collins, Jennifer Connelly & Greg Kinnear wow in Stuck In Love

Lily Collins and Greg Kinnear in Stuck In Love

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Stuck In Love is the vision of a first time writer and director but can it stand up to big budget Hollywood rom-coms? Here's our review...

What's the film about?

The film follows a successful novelist who is still obsessed with his ex-wife even though she's married another man.

Meanwhile his daughter is about to publish her first novel and has given up on love until she meets a classmate who might be able to change her mind.

And her younger brother decides to do something about his long-term crush on a classmate.

Who's in it? Lily Collins, Logan Lerman, Greg Kinnear, Jennifer Connelly, Patrick Schwarzenegger, Nat Wolff

Handbag hearts:

Okay we have to warn you now, this is going to seem like a massive article of love to this film but it totally deserves it.

Rom-coms are known to be a bit predictable and very over-the-top but somehow Stuck In Love finds a way to be completely heartwarming at the same time.

We tip our hats off to Josh Boone for writing one of the most refreshing scripts that have graced our screens in a while. The first time writer AND director is someone we are definitely going to keep an eye on if he's going to keep producing gems like this.

We can't but wonder if the fact it's a semi-biographical tale that really made us connect a little bit more to all the emotional twists and turns in the flick.

Either way, we grew to care about the characters and their growth and that is something that's been a bit lacking in similar films.

Jennifer Connelly and Lily Collins are perfectly cast of mother and daughter and they tackle the emotional scenes with ease.

The entire cast of this family delivered when creating this wonderful world of writers and heartache.

We loved Kristin Bell as the sexy neighbour and Patrick Schwarzeneggar as the jock but it was Logan Lerman really stole the show.


Okay maybe the ending was a tad too predictable but to tell the truth we didn't care.

We might have even gotten a bit emotional about it all.

Standout Moment:

A certain moment with Mr Stephen King himself was just too cute for words.

Verdict: We can't remember the last film that made us feel so uplifted, let alone on centred so much around family. A must watch. 4 stars

P.S. We couldn't NOT mention Lily's eyebrows. They are just a force of their own!

Stuck In Love is in cinemas from 14 June 2013.

What do you think? Will you be watching the flick this weekend?



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