Man Of Steel review: Henry Cavill shines in Zack Synder's Superman reboot

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We've finally got to see Man Of Steel and here's our verdict of the new Superman film

Henry Cavill as Superman in Man of Steel
Can Man Of Steel breathe new life into the Superman story we all know and love? Here's our review...

What's the film about?

After being transported to Earth from his dying planet Krypton, Clark Kent grows up feeling alienated because of his powers and desperate to know what he is.

When survivors from his home planet attack Earth, he has to become the hero of his adoptive planet so he can save the world.

Who's in it? Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Russell Crowe, Michael Shannon, Kevin Costner,

Handbag hearts:

Okay so it's no surprise why we've all been so excited for this film.

It's written by the man behind the Batman trilogy, directed by Zack Snyder, the man who brought us 300 and of course it's produced by the Christopher Nolan who directed the awesome Batman trilogy.

So how does Man of Steel fair?

Well it's way better than Superman Returns and we can help but wonder if this would have been called Superman Begins if it wasn't for Batman Begins already having the title.

It's literally the origin story of Superman with a heavy emphasis on how he becomes Superman and how he struggled with life as an alien child living on Earth.

The story will make comic fans happy and can re-educate us all on the part of his story that often doesn't get much of a mention.

Who Clark Kent was before he donned the blue suit, a blue suit that no longer has the big red pants if you didn't already notice.

Henry Cavill is the perfect choice of this new Superman and he definitely shows the emotional struggle poor old Clark Kent goes through.

Russell Crowe does everything he's expected to do as Jor-El but Michael Shannon is a bit scary as General Zod, which he's meant to be so he's great as well.

With an all-star cast like this, there was no way the film could be any thing but awesome.


The film does feel a tad slow at times but it's okay because this is clearly the first in a trilogy and we need to fully understand the mind and setting of the Zack Snyder's Superman.

Also, we wonder if Lois Lane should have been a part of this film.

Obvious this is the new Superman series but the story of Clark and Louis meeting at the Daily Planet and all the fun that comes with that love/hate relationship before she finds out has been kinda lost now.

It's not a bad thing but we just felt there wasn't enough time for them to get to know each other in this one. However, Amy Adams is an awesome Lous Lane.

Standout Moment:

All the Kryptonian fight scenes... it's not often we see Superman taking on someone his own size. It looked like a massive video game battle (in the best way possible).

Verdict: A good start for the Superman reboot but it does feel a bit like an intro for the next film in the series. 3 stars

P.S. We're already super excited for the sequel. Ridiculously excited in fact.

Man Of Steel is in cinemas from 14 June 2013.

What do you think? Will you be watching the flick this weekend?



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