EXCLUSIVE: Brittany Snow talks singing and naked showers in Pitch Perfect

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Pitch Perfect actress Brittany Snow talks about her role in the hilarious flick

Brittany Snow at the MTV Movie Awards 2013

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Pitch Perfect was one of our favourite films of 2012 and we were lucky enough to have a little chat with Brittany Snow about the hilarious flick.

Out on DVD now, Brittany plays Chloe and the actress had already shown off her vocal and comedic talents in Hairspray but it's safe to say Pitch Perfect took her to new highs (and lows).

Check out our full interview below...

Q: How was your audition for the movie, Brittany?

It was good. I actually just thought of this right now: I do not know why I have not talked about this yet. I was shooting this movie at the time, which was a kind of thriller movie, so I had blood, fake blood, on me because I had to go right from set to the audition.

I had it on me and I was trying to wash it off in the bathroom before I was going to sing. I do not think anyone saw it, but I remember thinking, "I cannot get a musical movie with blood on my neck!"

It obviously worked.

It worked, yes!

Q: The movie is full of great performances. Can you talk about what your favourite scenes were to shoot, or what were the most difficult things to shoot?

I think the I Saw The Sign stuff was hard because we had to wear these heels while we were shooting it.

We were dancing in them and standing in them, and we did not really have times where we were just sitting down and relaxing, so we were in these heels, shooting these scenes and dancing, and by the end of the day, I do not know how we were standing.

We were holding on to each other, like balancing on the heels.

Q: Was it a real joy, then, to get to the last number when you were wearing platform trainers?

Those were okay at first, but then they started hurting too.

Q: How was shooting the movie with so many other girls in it – did everyone get on well? Did the girls all bond?

It is funny, but this is one of the only movies I have done that even a year later, we still have times where everybody gets together.

We have Pitch Perfect reunions, or someone will say, "I am playing a show here," or, "Come to my barbeque," and pretty much everybody shows up, if they can.

I think that is really rare and special, because sometimes you lose touch with people, but we have pretty much stayed together as a group. It is really cool.

Q: Talking of bonding, let us talk about the shower scene. How was that for you two to shoot?

Weirdly, it turned out to be one of my favourite days and one of my favourite scenes too, because I was so nervous going into it, that it was such a relief when it was confortable and I think that was when we really bonded, because we were so close to each other, and it was so uncomfortable, that by the end of the day, we were like, "Whatever. I am naked, you are naked. Let us sing!"

Although it is uncomfortable being in little bits and pieces, I think it actually comes off looking pretty good. You cannot really tell too much, which we were worried about. So I think it is family-friendly. Just about.

Q: How about your acting and musical background? You started off modelling really young.

I mean, I was a baby model, it was not really like modelling – I just laid there.

It is so funny that [my bio] says modelling – I was a three-year-old modelling! I too moved to New York when I was 12, but I did not do a Broadway play, I did a soap opera, which is a little different.

I would have been excited to be on Broadway or do a totally different thing, but at the same time, I did that from 12 to 16, and I think that is when I figured out that I wanted to do it, and then I moved out here to Los Angeles to do American Dreams (2002), when I was 16.

So yes, starting out really young is actually kind of a cool thing, but at the time, I feel like it is a bit jarring because you are going into a world you do not know and you have to grow up really quickly, but now I look back and I would not trade it either. I think it was really helpful.

Check out our Pitch Perfect clip below...

Pitch Perfect is out on DVD now!



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