How to wear your wedding heels all day (& live to tell the tale)

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Get practical about your bridal shoes & stay pain free on the big day...

Bridal wedding shoes
No one ever warns you before your wedding day that as the bride, the amount of time you spend sitting down will be minimal (if at all). Taking the load off your feet is not an option.

So it's time to nut up or shut up and get practical about your wedding shoes. Take these simple precautions to ensure the last thing you are thinking about on your big day is your feet.

If the shoe fits
It might sound obvious, but making sure your wedding shoes fit in the first place is key.

Your bridal shoes shouldn't force your feet to push forward leaving a gap behind your heel, as this will put added pressure on the balls of your feet and toes.

Shoes should be snug and supportive but never tight.

Pick a thick heel
Whilst tottering in stilettoes might be favourable, shoes with a thicker heel will be less painful and more stable.

The thick heel will relieve pressure by distributing the weight on your foot more evenly and if you are not comfortable in heels, you'll be less likely to take a bridal tumble.

Platform & open toes
Opt for a shoe with a platform under the toe as this will still give you the height you're after, but will lessen the drop from your heel to your toes, putting less pressure on your arch.

Open toe shoes also allow your toes to have more room.

Break them in
Take every opportunity to wear your wedding shoes around the house to break them in. This will mean they don't rub your feet, and will also scuff the bottoms to ensure they're not slippy.

It they're a bit too tight, try wearing them with socks or heating them up with your hairdryer before wearing them.

If you are not used to wearing heels usually, start wearing other heeled shoes more in the run up to W Day. Sport low ones to work or venture out at night in taller than normal shoes – it will get your feet and legs used to it.

Add cushioning
Take the pressure off your feet with well positioned gel pads. After wearing them round the house a few times, you should be able to pinpoint the danger zones and buy the appropriate gel pads to help spread the weight.

Find five minutes
Most brides struggle to find time to sit down and eat at their wedding. Make sure you take five minutes to rest your feet, get some food and down a couple of glasses of water. It'll keep your energy up and the pressure on your feet down. Even just for a couple of minutes.

Be prepared
If you're just not sure you can wear them all day - make a statement of switching shoes.

Pimp yourself some white sneakers, ballet pumps or flip flops with diamantes, lace or ribbon. They'll make for great pictures and mean you can dance the night away care free.

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