Top 5 do-it-yourself wedding favours for your guests

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If you've run out of funds these quirky gifts are perfect for your wedding...

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When you've organised the wedding of the century, the last thing you want to do is buy presents for the people who've turned up. But the tradition of wedding favours is still going strong, so what can you do?

If you've run out of money, it's time to get creative. These DIY wedding favours and perfect for table pressies and will satisfy even the fussiest of reception guests...

1. Personalised tins

Ask friends and family to save all their jam jars and tins and get creative. Stick your names and wedding date to the side, wrap a ribbon around the top and fill it with quirky trifles like flower seeds, sweets, personalised notes, photos, mints and chocolate. When everyone sits down for dinner they'll have great fun going through the contents and sharing it with everyone on the table.

2. Messages in a bottle

If you're having a small and intimate wedding, save up miniature wine bottles and pop a message into the neck. Craft shops will have great quality paper and ribbon to make them look fancy. Either write standard message of thanks to everyone, or create personalised handwritten notes to your nearest and dearest. Even the chaps will be impressed!

3. Mini photo albums

Buy photos in bulk (to keep costs down) and create handmade photo albums. All you need are a few pieces of card folded in half and a piece of ribbon in one corner to hold everything together. Inside you can include pictures, messages and thanks. We can guarantee in ten years time you're nearest and dearest will still have them in the house somewhere.

4. Scrap books

If you're feeling a bit more adventurous try making scrap books. One per family or couple will keep the costs down and you don't have to go out and buy expensive notebooks. Folded card, ribbon and the personal touch will make all the difference. Print out typed messages, use photos and pictures of the wedding venue alongside jokes, sketches, top tips for being the perfect husband (for the chaps) and top tips for being the perfect wife (for the ladies)...all with a sense of humour of course!

5. Adult party bags

Revisit your childhood with adult party bags. Fill them with chocolate liqueurs, sweets and anything else that takes your fancy. Poker chips and packs of cards will get fun started, while kids will love biscuits with their names iced onto the top.

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