INTERVIEW: Juno Temple talks about her joy at receiving a BAFTA nomination

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The actress spoke to us about her upcoming films, Lovelace, Maleficent and Magic Magic

Juno Temple

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Juno Temple is already a star in her own right. After a string of successful roles, the actress has just been nominated for the prestigious BAFTA Rising Star award.

Speaking to us at the British Academy Film Awards HQ, the actress shared her joy at being nominated and revealed which of her films she can't wait for the public to see this year.

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Congratulations on your nomination, how does it feel?

Thank you, I'm so honoured. I'm just so honoured to be up there with these extraordinary talents, people that I'm inspired by. And you know, a British BAFTA, that's an amazing nomination!

Some people might find it weird to call you a rising star when you've been a familiar face for so long. You first hit the scene in 2006 with Notes on a scandal!

Yeah but for me i think that's what this is about. It's about a body of work isn't it.

A lot of the nominees have been working for quite a long time and I think that's why it's such a great nomination because it's about people looking at you and being like "You guys have made some really great choices". I think that's really exciting and it's inspiring.

So do you feel that just getting the nomination is such a big industry nod to what you've done?

It doesn't get much better than that. Yeah, it's really encouraging and it's really inspiring. What happens next, who knows! I'm just so excited about this!

You've managed to go from fun and quirky in St Trinian's to much more gritty roles in Killer Joe. What draws you to a film?

It's the script and directors. I love what I do, I wanna work all the time (laughs). I have to be kind of ... turned on by the role. And be inspired by her, or it I guess.

Then meeting directors is a big thing for me. The trust there is a huge element of making a choice to do a movie because I think if you don't trust your director you're not going to let your inhibitions down.

You're going to be nervous, there has to be a trust there where you can say 'Let's go for it, I'm ready for whatever we've gotta do'.

And working with such great co-stars must be amazing!

Co-stars are huge too. I'm been very blessed, I've never had a bad experience so I've had some good co-stars.

You've got some amazing films coming up like Lovelace and Maleficent. Which films are you most excited for the public to see this year?

I've got 3 films going to Sundance [Film Festival] that I'm really proud one for having there. One of them which I haven't seen but I'm really excited to see is Lovelace.

Then Magic Magic where I play a girl that loses her mind. It's definitely a film that stays with you once you've seen it. I'm proud of that because I think that's such tell tale thing with a film when you're still thinking about it. It's a really good sign.

And then a film I did called Afternoon Delight which I'm also really proud of.

Do you find it necessary to balance between big productions like Maleficent and then indie flicks like Magic Magic?

Yeah absolutely I really do. I think it's important because they're both slightly different experiences but honestly you treat it like the same thing. It's about the character and you've got to honour that character you know.

Last year was crazy, I got to play such diverse roles, I got to play a prostitute, a Disney fairy, a schizophrenic and a dead girl so like I've been really lucky and i hope i do them all justice when they come out.

We're sure you'll have an amazing year!

You can vote for who you want to win the BAFTA Rising Star awards on the official website.

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