Happy Birthday to the Internet! The World Wide Web turns 30

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To celebrate, here's how it has changed our lives for the better...

The internet

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Thirty years ago, computer scientists thought they would try linking computers through a standardised transmission control protocol. Cut forward a few years and we've got Google, Asos, BBC News and massive amounts of porn (that's perhaps not so good!).

Initially it was only designed to link academics, but now it provides a limitless source of information, news, social networking and entertainment for 2.4 billion people.

Seriously, could you imagine your life without it?

To celebrate the birth of the web (and the very clever men and women behind it), here are some of the wonderful ways it has changed our lives...

1. We never have to miss our favourite telly shows

Remember when you had to put in a VHS tape to catch your favourite programmes? Yes, us too, but now we have 4OD, iPlayer, ITV Player, Netflix, LoveFilm and countless other providers that allow us to watch everything in our own time. Smiles all round.

2. We can plan our social lives (and spy on our exes)

Planning a party no longer requires phone calls and RSVP cards, we can just set up a group on Facebook. We can see what our friends are thinking and what our idols are nattering about on Twitter. We can see and speak to our relatives in American and Australia via Skype and send letters to our cousins by speedy email. We are better connected than ever before, Hooray!

3. It can help us find love

Online dating is awesome, it allows us to meet new people and arrange exciting first dates without spending hours hanging around bars and nightclubs. Websites like eHarmony and Match.com find out if someone is right for you and whether you've got things in common before you even step out the door. Take that rubbish awkward first dates.

4. We can find out what's going on in the world

We've got access to countless news sites that will explain world politics, fill us in on Government policies and show us what Millie Mackintosh and Kristen Stewart are wearing. Whatever you want to know, the internet's got it covered.

5. We can watch dancing cats and viral videos!

Want to watch a music video? Go to Youtube. Want to watch a make-up tutorial? Go to Youtube. Want to watch a cat dancing to Gangnam Style? Go to Youtube. Enough said really.

6. Turn on, click, shop

Online shopping has opened us up to the wonderful world of fashion; think Asos, Net-a-Porter, Cocosa, Wahanda and many more. Then, once you've spent too much money, you can check your bank balance online and transfer money from your savings account into your current account at the click of a button. Not bad, eh?

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