A winter wedding with Damsel In a Dress

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You shouldn't let the winter weather dictate when you have your special day.

Kate wedding dress by Damsel in a Dress

Summer weddings are lovely, but winter weddings have their own benefits. A wedding set at winter can look stunning. Crisp green grass and bare trees can make for a hauntingly beautiful sight - and if you are lucky enough for snow, even better.

Don't let the cold weather prevent you from creating some lifelong winter memories. Damsel in a Dress have the perfect dresses for the bride, bridesmaids and wedding guests to make your wedding day feel like a winter wonderland.

The Bride

Arguably the most important part of any wedding, if the dress is perfect everything else in the day is sure to follow suit. You can't go wrong with a wedding dress from Damsel. Take the Florence wedding dress, for example. The design is inspired by a timeless vintage look, and the cream flower lace looks great at any time of year. The lace is double lined, providing some extra warmth for your winter wedding.

To ensure you keep as warm as possible on your special day, make sure you get the Florence bolero to accompany the Florence wedding dress. It is made from the same cream flowered lace and has a lined body. If you start to feel a chill then just slip this over your dress and you'll warm up in no time.

You could also consider the Kate wedding dress. The top is double lined in 100% silk and meets a bias cut skirt that drapes across the body. The dress is completed with a trim of handmade pearls. If the Kate wedding dress takes your fancy, the wedding silk shrug will partner with it perfectly. The rouched back detail and tie look beautiful, and it will provide an extra layer of warmth if there is a nip in the air.


Your choice of dress for the bridesmaids is going to very much depend on your overall colour scheme of choice for the wedding theme. The Kayleigh dress is a perfect choice for a bridesmaid dress, and with the choice of silver and blue it will fit nicely into most wedding themes. The dress is double lined in 100% silk with a satin skirt draped across the body.

To complete the look, and add that extra layer of warmth, combine the Kayleigh dress with a Lucille shrug. The shrug comes in several colours, but to really compliment the outfit you should get a colour to match the dress.


If you are going to be a guest at someone's wedding then you are going to want to impress with your dress. Damsel have plenty of options available to you that are both stunning and practical for these winter months.

First and foremost you should consider the Wild Rose dress. The bespoke hand printed design comes in blue and plum, and both colour options have a front tie detail. Both Wild Rose dresses have a matching shrug that fits perfectly over the shoulders. Like the dress, the Wild Rose shrug is hand printed, and sits well on the female figure.

The Miranda is a stunning fitted textured dress that comes in a beautiful champagne tone. The fabric used comes from one of the finest Italian mills available, and it is styled to give an incredible shape when sitting on the body. The Miranda coat, also in champagne, partners perfectly with the dress. The two make for a stunning, sophisticated combination.

For something a little different you should try the Pia tweed dress. The design twists greys, lemons and creams together to create a simple, yet eye-catching design. To keep yourself from feeling cold, be sure to also get the Pia jacket.
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