Give the perfect Secret Santa gift with this easy etiquette advice

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If you're panicking about the annual office gift, take a peek at these simple top tips...

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There's only a few more working weeks until the Christmas day countdown really begins, so it's time to put on a silly hat and rustle up a Secret Santa present for the office.

If you've never been involved in pot-luck gifting before (or you have horrendous memories of last year's embarrassing Secret Santa faux pas), take a gander at these etiquette tips...

1. Set a price for secret santa and stick to it

Make sure that everyone knows the spending limit because there's nothing more embarrassing than handing over a £5 present to someone who really blew the budget. Most UK offices stick to a £10 and under limit, which gives everyone the chance to be a little more creative.

2. Be wary of office rivalries

If you're devising the Secret Santa, try and take into account office gripes and ensure that people who hate each other aren't paired up. Remember it's the season to be jolly! Also make sure that everyone knows each other well enough to buy gifts - if this isn't the case, tell everyone to buy a unisex present and distribute them randomly at crunch time.

3. The rules of 'funny' presents

Be careful when buying humorous gifts. Is it really going to be funny? Will the receiver be laughing as much as you will be? If you do know the person's sense of humour by all means go for it, but if not stick to food-based gifts like mulled wine.

4. Plan your Secret Santa gift ahead of time

With Secret Santa your present buying identity will undoubtedly be revealed by the end of the night, so choose your gift wisely. Otherwise that kinky and slightly inappropriate Fifty Shades inspired paddle might come back to haunt you in 2013...

5. If in doubt buy a 'safety present'

Boxes of chocolates, Marks & Spencer's biscuit tins, a gift-set from Boots or a bottle of red wine...these may not be the most inventive gifts in the world, but they won't be embarrassing, they will be well received and they're perfect for people you don't know very well. Simple, but effective.

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